Why a Monroe NJ Roofing Company is Vital. When replacing the roof on your home, having a new roof installed on your home usually does not happen very often. Taking your time on doing diligent researech, on hiring the right NJ Roofing Contractor can save you Thousands of Dollars. Online education can be very helpful, looking for Roofing Experts with Positive Reviews and over 10 years in business.

Be skeptical of roofing companies with many 5 Star reviews, less than 5 years experience, usually these are “Fake Reviews”. Positive Reviews are great, but use common sense when comparing an Monroe NJ roofing provider, looking for Certifications is Key! Hiring a Certified roofing company, means that the roofing manufacture will cover your roof. If anything negative should ever happen to the roofing company that installed your roof, Owens Corning/Certainteed have you covered! If you ever list your home for sale, know that Owens Corning and Certainteed Warranties are 100% transferrable.

Which Monroe NJ Roofing Company To Choose and Why?

Which Monroe Roofing Company to choose and why? After recieving a few Free NJ Roofing Estimates, from a New Jersey Roofing Contractor, it’s time to compare. When trying to decipher the different roofing quotes, it’s best to lay them side by side, next to another. Starting from the first line of description and working your way down and accross, is when you will begin to discover. What you learn is that although the descriptions of a roofing installation or roof repair appear the same, they are NOT.

The difference between many roofing installations or roofing repairs are in the details, is where you must Not be fooled! Paying attention to the Brand Names of all accessories, the ice shield, underlayment, ventilation, shingles, flashings and any additional costs. Most New Jersey Roofing Company will leave out details of a job, to hide the fact of using cheaper materials.

Monroe NJ Roofing Company-Right Decision Making Process

Monroe NJ Roofing Company-Right Decision Making Process. After comparing a few roof estimates, hopefully you have made the right decision in hiring a Expert NJ Roofer. When hiring anyone to do a job, knowing exactly what your paying for, beforehand will be an essential financial investment. Here is how your Roofing Contract should appear, by example:

$65. for any sheets of wood decking required, if needed.

Distinguished Monroe NJ Roofing Company
Replacement of old damaged existing wood decking with every New Monroe New Jersey Roofing Installation

Ice & Water Shield Brand: Owens Corning/GAF – Grade: Rhino Pro/Weather Watch

Experienced Monroe NJ Roofing Company
Rhino Pro Ice Water Barrier Applications in Roof Valleys Roof Eaves Skylights

Underlayment Brand: Owens Corning/Certainteed – Grade: SYNTHETIC – Deck Defense/Diamond Deck

Honorable Monroe NJ Roofing Company
Certified NJ Roof installations Deck Defense Synthetic Roofing Underlayment Applications

Roofing Shingles Brand: Owens Corning/GAF – Grade: Duration Tru-Definition/Timberine HDZ

Superlative Expert Monroe NJ Roofing Company
Owens Corning Duration Sure Nail Roofing Shingle Applications

Ridge Ventilation Brand: Certainteed/Owens Corning – Grade: Ridge Vent 12″ Filtered/Vent Sure

Gorgeous Monroe NJ Roofing Company Workmanship
New NJ Roofing Installation with Sure Vent Heat Moisture Ridge Ventilation System Application

Attic Fan Brand: GAF – Grade: MasterFlow ERV5

Attic Fan wit a Monroe NJ Roofing Company Installation
Brand New GAF MasterFlow ERV5 Powered Attic Fan Roof Installion NJ

New Chimney Flashing: Step and Counter Flashing Professional Application – Grade: COPPER

Chimney Flashing application with a Monroe NJ Roofing Company
Professional NJ Professional Chimney Copper Step Counter Flashing Installation

These are some prime details of what makes up a new roof installation and how your proposal should be ledgible. What makes up a professional new jersey roofing application are the details, not just the name brand of roof shingles. Making certain your receiving new flashing installed around your chimney, new aluminum pipe flanges over your vent pipes. The installation of a functional roofing ventilation system, a ridge vent with intake venting or attic fan with adj. thermostat.

Synthetic Underlayment Applied by Monroe NJ Roofing Company
Biondo Contracting Uses Only the Finest State of the Art High Performance Roofing Materials

When having a new roof installed with todays technology, the application should always include high quality Synthetic Roof Underlayment. For example, GAF Deck Armor or Owens Corning Deck Defense would be superior choices, installaed with your new roof. A high performance Synthetic Underlayment allows your roof shingles to breathe, without trapping any moisture and is water resistant.

Key Roofing Ingrediants to a Bullet Proof New Roof Installation

The first residential roofing material to be installed, over the wood decking of a roof is Ice & Water Shield. The best Certified NJ Roofing Contractors will always use high quality Ice & Water barrier underlayments. These shields are constructed of superior modified bitumen subject matter, which are used in the materials used for commercial roofing.

Ice & Water Barrier Installed by your local Monroe NJ roofing company
New Roof Replacement with WeatherLock Pro G Ice Water Shield lined Roof Eaves and Valleys

Ice & Water Shield barrier is installed along all roof eaves, 3′ up from the sill plate. To be applied in all roof valleys, along all siding walls, under all flashings, fixtures, penetrations and around skylights. The Best Grade Ice Shield we choose, would be either Weatherlock Pro and Certainteed Flex just to name a few. Either roofing company you choose to hire, use these basic guidlines to help make your decision process easier!