New Jersey Flat Roofing Installations-What You Need To Know and what materials are exceptional for low slope roof installation. Modified Bitumen is a Flat Roofing material used for most small to medium sized commercial roof installations. It is applied with heat, using a torch welded propane gas method to seal the roofing product to it’s substrate. Athough residential flat roof applications are applied in a safe first manner method, using a self adhesive bitumen roofing membrane.

New Jersey Flat Roofing Installations
Modified Bitumen Flat Roofing Installations

This article, covering the residential low slope roofing installation procedure and the astonishing benefits. When working on a residential nj home, using a safety first method is preferred over torch applied commercial roofing installations. Therefore, all products will be installed using modified bitumen roofing membranes with a self adhesive installation.

Splendid Residential New Jersey Flat Roofing Installations Procedure

Splendid residential NJ flat roofing installation procedures and guidelines to follow are crucial in constructing a weather tight application. Once the old existing roofing materials have been stripped down to the bare wood decking, inspect for any wood rot. Make sure to replace any bad wood decking where needed, while applying the same exact nominal thickness. This will assure an even surface, which is vital on any low sloped roofing installation.

Granulated New Jersey Flat Roofing Installations
Granulated Bitumen Self Adhesive Flat Roofing Installation New Jersey

Installing Flat roofing installations, requires experience and knowledge pertaining to roof angles and roof pitches. The angle at which a roof is measured is 1″ to every 12″ and is essential. Determining what kind of roofing material is required for your roof is based strictly by these guidelines. If a roof has between a 0/12 to 2/12 pitch, then it is absolutely required to install flat roofing materials.

New Jersey Porch roof area with flat roofing installations
Terrific New Jersey Flat Roofing Installations Biondo Contracting

Understand that the wood decking of the roof has to be 100% pliable, so making certain no dirt or dust. Using a blower to blow off loose dirt or debris is crucial, making a nice dry, dirt free roof surface. The roof area is now all ready to go, for the first step of new jersey flat roofing installations.

Vigorous SBS Flat Roofing Modified Bitumen Base Sheet

Vigorous SBS Flat Roofing Modified Bitumen Base Sheet, the first material installed over top of the cleaned and prepped roof decking. The base sheet is a peel and stick application, once applied to the wood roof decking, it’s not going anywhere! That is why it is so important to make sure the existing roof decking is free of dust & dirt. The base sheet firmly embedded to the roof decking provides the overall strength of the flat roofing installation.

SBS Flat roofing base sheet application
SBS Base Sheet New Jersey Flat Roofing Application

Choosing a high grade quality base, like the gaf Liberty SBS Self Adhering ply sheet for all modified bitumen systems. The SBS ply sheet has a very smooth layered surface, so the top bitumen layer is fastened tightly into position. After the base sheet has been applied, then an aluminum Drip Edge is installed around the roof perimeter. Using a drip edge with gravel stop, will prevent the water from streaming over the side edges of the roof.

Magnificent SBS Self Adhering Cap Sheet Roofing Application

Magnificent SBS Self Adhering Cap Sheet Roofing Application, is the final procedure to an outstanding low sloped nj roofing system. The gaf Liberty Modified Bitumen Granulated Cap Sheet, is a high grade quality roofing membrane, would be our top choice. Liberty SBS Self-Adhering Roofing Systems are applied without torches or solvent-based adhesives and suitable for primed substrate decking.

Residential Flat Roofing Application
SBS Modified Bitumen Self Adhesive Cap Sheet Roofing Applications

LIberty SBS Self-Adhering Ply Sheet that helps assure durable protection on low-slope roof areas of your property. Including porches, garages, carports, and sheds Limited warranty against manufacturing defects for up to 15 years, depending on system. Always make certain to hire a certified NJ Roofing Contractor to provide dependable splended flat roof applications.

Author: Samuel Biondo