Dynamic Roofing Contractor East Brunswick New Jersey Devoted to NJ Locations, roof repairs, roof installations, nj skylight replacement and much more. Certified Roofing Contractor of Certainteed and Owens Corning New Jersey Roofing Installers. Roofing service providers for over 30 years in towns such as East Brunswick, Old Bridge, Monroe, Somerset, all Central NJ.

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Astonishing New Roofing Installers, state of the art nj roof repairs with superior techniques and technology. Dynamic Roofing Contractors have become one of your most trusted, go to roofing contractors in East Brunswick, Central New Jersey. Honorable and devoted to a cause, being the best of the best rated roofing contractor in New Jersey.

Dedicated Roofing Contractor-Magnificent Wokmanship

Being a dedicated roofing contractor with magnificent workmanship, is essential to being regarding as a top rated NJ roofing company. Always using the best materials available in todays industry is vital to guarantee all workmanship over an extended time period. We are one New Jersey Roofing Contractor who provides 20 and 50 year labor & material Warranties. They’re not many roofing companies in New Jersey who can offer extended guarantees, with 3 decades of nj roofing services.

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Only a certified nj roofing contractor can offer lifetime extended warranties, certifications from the big three roofing manufactures. Owens Corning, Certainteed and gaf are the main producers of the highest grades of roofing materials in the industry. Owens Corning and Certainteed have been the only two roofing manufactures with over 100 Years in business!

Top Rated Roofing Contractor Superior Materials

The Top Rated Roofing Contractor Superior Materials are what allows a new jersey roofing company to be the best. Any company is only as good as the materials installed on a job, accompanied with certified nj roofing installers. It all starts off with the grade of Ice & Water Barrier applied on every job. High quality grade Ice Shields such as Certainteed Grace Ultra, self adhered with 100% Butyl adhesive formulation. Producing best in class waterfroofing protection and the highest level of thermal stability 300F.

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Superior grade synthetic underlayments are also vital products that a dynamic nj roofing contractor will rely on. Helping create a tight waterproof barrier, Owens Corning Deck Defense with Tru-Tread Technology. With up to 2X stronger protection than most all competitor shingle manufactures and critical part of a complete roofing system.

Most Magnificent Architectural Roofing Shingle Created

The most magnificent architectural roofing shingle created, Owens Corning Duration Tru-Definition Series, sure-nail technology with KEVLAR reinforcement. In 2007 the Owens Corning research & developement team created the state of the art roofing shingle ever manufactured. Produced with a Patent Pending application, for protection against other roofing manufacturing companies stealing their breaktrhough roofing technology.

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Built for a lifietime, unique triple layer reinforcement in the nailing area, for remarkable fastener holding power against wind uplifting. A 130 MPH wind rated, backed with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home. Making the Duration Series, the most magnificent architectural roofing shingle ever created! NJ Roofers has been installing Duration Series roof shingles since 2010, which assisted us in being a dynamic roofing company.

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Author: Samuel Biondo