A skylight not only provides your home with natural sunlight, but optional ventilation as well.  Made of transparent or translucent glass, skylights are available in various designs and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a residential home. If a homeowner is going to either replace or install a new skylight, making certain of all available options before going forward, would be a wise decision.

If you notice water leaking from around a skylight, you might need to get your skylight replaced. Call Biondo Contracting for a quick and reliable NJ skylight replacement. We specialize in VELUX skylight installations and replacements. Our experts can help you find the right fit for your home.

East Brunswick NJ Skylight Replacement

Signs of Skylight Failure

The most obvious sign is when water leaks into the interior of your home, from the perimeter are of your skylight, which may not only mean its time for a new skylight, but a NJ Roof Installation as well. The biggest advantage of installing a VELUX Constructed Skylight, is their maintenance Free, weather tight, EDL Flashing Kit applications, which are installed around the entire pereimeter of a VELUX Skylight. These Flashing Kits were engineered & designed by VELUX, making this technology a breakthrough in the entire Residential & Commercial Roofing Industry!

However, another reason to know when it's time for a new NJ skylight installation, is when the seal around the glazing is broken. How do you know when the seal is broken? From the inside of your home, look up at your skylight to see if there are any signs of "condensation" or "moisture", between the two layers of glass? If you see droplets of water, trapped between the glazing of the glass, then it is time to replace your old skylight. 

Comprehensive Skylight Solutions

Replace your old skylight, to give your home a fresh look and feel. We use VELUX Skylights at Biondo Contracting. From installation to final touches, VELUX provides a whole system of supplemental goods and add-ons, for any skylight solution. We have all the skylight alternatives and knowledge you need to make a decision, whether you want to install one of our VELUX VS "Fresh Air" skylights for a model that is more suited to ventilate areas of your home. Although, if your looking for the beauty of natural sun light, then the VELUX FS "fixed" models would be your choice. 

Once deciding on either a VS or FS VELUX Skylight unit, then your next decisions are of the multiple & explicite accessories to choose from. VELUX Skylights come standard with LowE-Argon, High Performance double Insulated glazing. This feature is weather performance constructed, making certain to keep the cool air inside your home during hot summer days & the comfort of warm air, from leaving your home on those cold winter days/evenings.

Types of Skylights

Our professional skylight installation experts will help you select the design that is best suited to your home architecture. Some of the most common designs include:

With VELUX skylight shade collection, can help turn an ordinary room into something special. With over 100 colors and pattern choices available, you can design your space to reflect the personality of your room.           

Available in Manual or SOLAR Powered, Double pleated Skylight blackout shades, converting day into night, blocking even the brightest sunlight, which makes it ideal for rooms that require total room darkening, such as livingrooms and bedrooms. The Solar Powered Version, is literally jaw dropping, with it's ability to be Controlled by either Hand Held or Wall Mounted Control, as well as the technology of your Smart Phone.

Having any Room of your home designed with multiple VELUX Solar Powered skylights, layed out perfectly together, with the Double pleated room darkening skylight shades, feature blackout cloth with a honeycomb structure that are energy-efficient with stunningingly gorgeous sleek design!


We even have options for the VS "Ventilating Skylights", with our Motorized & Solar Powered, opening and closing windows. Wall mounted or Hand Held Controller, plus Smart Phone App Operations.