A Homeowners New Roofing Installation, is only as good as it's Attic Ventilation. When having a New Roof installed, it is crucial for a homeowner to pay close attention. When reviewing what a New Jersey Roofing Contractor proposes to include. A homeowner should always receive a Free written NJ Roofing Estimate, explaining in detail the specifics of ventilating your new roof. Every Ventilation System is Designed with Two-Parts in mind, "Intake" and "Exhaust".

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In this article we will be choosing to display our New Jersey Roofing Company, Biondo Contracting. We will showcase a Proper Funcional Professional Installed New Jersey Roof Ridge Ventilation System.

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Air-Intake Ventilation, is an Air-Sream which enters underneath the Soffits or Roof Eaves of a home. This is why you will always, be sure to inspect Perforated Soffits installed underneath roof eaves.

This is so Air-Intake can enter inthrough the perforated soffit openings, and flow up through the attic space of a home. If you have notived there is no soffit ventilation, then they can be installed by your NJ Roofing Expert.

The other option would be to have your Roofing Company Install a Roof Eaves "Air-Intake" Venting Application. In this article we will be using the Roof Eaves Venting Installation.

Once the Air enters the attic of a home, it is the in an upward pull, through the attic and ultimately exits out through the "Exhaust Venting".

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Air-Exhaust, is the "Exhaust" of which escapes through the upper roof area of your home. When Air-Flow enters in through the roof eaves of your home, forcing the "Warm Attic Air" upward. As we know, warm air rises and when it does it needs an outlet to escape. 

The Two most popular forms of Roofing "Exhaust" Ventilation are either in the form of a Ridge Vent or a Powered Attic Fan. In this article we will be using a Roof Ridge Venting Application.

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