Siding is any material (vinyl, wood, cement, etc.) that is installed on your home exterior to protect the outside walls from the harsh elements of weather, such as rain, hail, winds, and snow. It forms a water-tight barrier and prevents water from seeping into the walls, thereby offering protection against long-term structural damage. In addition to ensuring health and durability, siding also greatly enhances the curb appeal of your home. Certainteed Siding Products are the Top Rated manufacture in the industry and has been in the roofing & siding business for over 115 years!

Trust the experts at Biondo Contracting for professional and reliable siding installation in NJ. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and address any questions you may have regarding our siding installation services. We are always honest with our pricing and offer free estimates for all projects.

Before the installation procedure starts, we always remove the old existing siding from a home. This is crucial as it gives us the chance to thoroughly evaluate the current sheeting on your house and repair any damaged plywood.

After that, we apply a Tyvek vapor barrier over the already-installed sheets. You can then select from a large range of Certainteed Cedar Impressions in a variety of colors or Certainteed Cedar Boards with an insulated foam backing or 1/2” Dow insulating board.

Here are a few siding options we provide:

  • Cedar Impressions
  • Cedar Boards