Our advanced technology in our Fantastic New Jersey Flashing Applications  are the most crucial to any NJ Roofing Installation. All Roofing Repairs in NJ are usually the result of failed flashing installations or the lack there of! At Biondo Contracting we have furnished our extensive 30 plus years of roofing experience into our New Jersey Roofing Company.

Flashing is an essential component of every aspect of building construction. Flashing can be constructed of either PVC Coil, Galvanized Metals, Copper, Vinyl and Synthetic Composite substances. Vital to incorporating multi aspects of contruction together as one solitified structure. which are your major flashing materials, used for Roofing Installations & Professional Flashing Application.

Professional Monroe New Jersey Flashing Applications

Roofing Flashings Applications

Used in construction to seal off gaps between different types of material, such as between the flat roofing. While flashing is frequently employed in waterproofing, roofing, skylight replacement, chimney through roof installations and vent pipe flanges. However, it can also turn out to be one of the major reasons behind roof failures on commercial structures.

Over time, the roof flashing in these areas will need to be replaced. When Biondo Contracting is called for a roof evaluation, these are the area's that will be carefully examined. Along with the state of your current roofing shingles, which are essentially constructed into all walls and sidings.

If brick siding, the flashing will be installed over the brick, called Counter Flashing, which is bent into the cement. The grout is cut out with a diamond blade saw, so the counter flashing is bent into the mortar grout.

For vinyl siding installations, Step Flashing will be applied, behind siding and under roofing shingles. They call it step flashing, because each piece of flashing is laid in a step by step fashion. This conceals the step flashing, which by doing so, forms a weather tight seal for all seasons.

Old Bridge New Jersey Roofing Company

Roof Flashings Replacement and Installation

All roof penetrations, including chimneys, skylights, vent pipes, attic fans, etc., have flashings installed around them. Every roofing replacement or roof repair at Biondo Contracting is comprehensive and documented in writing for the benefit of all. New Aluminum Pipe Flanges with neoprene rubber collars are installed around every vent pipe.The flashing surrounding your chimney will be changed, new pipe flanges will be installed over vent pipes.

VELUX Deck Mounted skylights will be installed with flashing kits, and valleys will protected with Ice & Water Barrier. When Biondo Contracting is hired to install your new roof, know that every customer will have a properly flashed roof. They will be under the protection of a Licensed & Certified Professional Roofing Company. With with over 30 years in the New Jersey Roofing Services business, has left it's mark in the roofing business!