NJ Roofing, Are you looking for a new Amazing Technology? Then you should be excited to hear about, WeatherLock FLEX, Flexible Self-Adhesive Ice & Water Barrier. Providing exceptional roof deck protection against water penetration. Which results from the freeze/thaw cycle, wind-driven rains, normal water flow around NJ roofers eaves. As well as step flashing underneath sided walls, cement chimneys and skylight curbings.

With properly New ventilating roofing eaves and exhaust roof venting, WeatherLock Flex Self Sealing, acts as a waterproof shield in the most defenseless sections of the roof. Provides a tight seal around nails to help prevent water penetration, especially in NJ roofing valleys, sections of a home. Contact a local Certified NJ Roofing Installation expert today!

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Flex Ice Water Barrier Certified NJ Roofing underlayment


Titanium UDL 50 State of the Art construction, synthetic nj roofer underlayment and riotous more robust production. Designed for use in long lasting exclusive NJ roofers applications, especially when Installed by a new NJ Roofing Installation Professional. The UDL50 is the first byproduct for a heavy sloped roof pitch from 7/12 or higher. Constructed of 100% synthetic, therefore totally water resistant, which means it is 100% dormant to mold.

Unlike NJ roofers asphalt felts, new UDL50 does not dry out, percolate oils in the heat, nor does it become laborious. The Titanium UDL 50, used in synchronicity with WeatherLock Flex self sealing underlayment for ice damming, roofing eaves, skylights, chimneys and Roofing Valley areas of a home. Partnered with a fabulous Ice and Water Barrier like the Weatherlock Pro G makes for a weather tight formulation.

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Cool Series NJ Roofing Shingle Installers

Stay Kool And Comfortable NJ Roofing Cool Series Shingles

Stay Kool and Comfortable, NJ Roofing Cool Series Shingles. Introducing the brand New, Owens Corning Cool NJ Roofing Shingles Installations. The COOL Series Collection, helps keep a homeowners roof cooler for a pleasantly comfortable home. Certified COOL Roof Collection Shingles, are specially designed to reflect the energy and absorb less heat.

Every roof shingle in the COOL Series NJ Roofers Collection, features a precise mix of solar-reflecting granules It helps comply with the Solar Reflectance, even with deeper, vibrant roofing colors. Explore the expanded COOL Roof Collection and reflect your unique style, contact a Certified Owens Corning new NJ Roof Installation Expert today!


All Certified NJ Roofers, were so excited, when Owens Corning DuraRidge Hip & Ridge Shingles. Becoming the first KEVLAR SureNail Technology ever manufactured in the United States. Eccentric triple layer of reinforcement with the same technology used with the Duration Roofing Shingle Collection. Engineered KEVLAR embedded into the Nailing Hem, so Strong enough to withstand the winds of up to 130 MPH!

It takes more than just roofing shingles to protect a home. It takes a combination, system of ingredients and layers to perform in three critical areas. Choosing a Certified Owens Corning new NJ Roofing Installation Specialist, also provides the substantial advantages. Owens Corning NJ roofing components are working together to help increase the performance of your roof. Contact your local Certified NJ Roofers today!

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DuraRidge Hip Ridge Roofing Shingles installed with every duration series application

Author: Samuel Biondo