Your Expert New Jersey Roofing Services Superior Techniques, is the essential choice in the customer satisfaction guaranteed. Whether choosing to have your roof replaced or nj roof repair, it’s prevelant in making a wise investment as NJ homeowner. The advantages of hiring expert nj roofing services, is crucial to your home and your family. Knowing a home is safe from roof leaks and or mold formulation into your NJ home.

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Two Consequential Components of Mold Prevention-New Jersey Roofing Services

Two sequential components of mold preventionNew Jersey Roofing Services, roofing ventilation, overlooking will be a mistake leading to Mold! Therefore, this article will explain Expert NJ Roofing Services, diligence to detail. As a Licensed New Jersey Roofing Company, Mold Prevention is Implemented with every NJ Roofing Installation.

With Superior Techniques,Technology and proper, resourceful education. However, Attic-roof Venting is a Sequence of functions, similar to a Person Inhaling and exhaling, to breathe. If there is any obstruction at either the Intake or Exhaust, it will cause a malfunctioning Roofing Ventilation System, which could lead to Mold!

New Jersey Roofing Services-Ventilation-Mold Prevention
MasterFlow ERV5 Powered Exhaust Attic Fan Installation

New Jersey Roofing Services-Intake Ventilation

New Jersey Roofing Services, with the expertise in Mold prevention, they know it starts from the ground up. Take a look at the Image above, it is self explanatory. Without proper ventilation, excessive heat and moisture can get trapped in the attic, causing damage to your home. Intake Ventilation, is the Air which enters from either underneath the Roof Eaves or top of Roofing Eaves. Generally, under Roof Eaves is where Intake-Air is drawn from, which covers the first part of NJ Roofing Ventilation.

Roofing intake Ventilation Installation-New Jersey Roofing Services
Air Intake Roof Eaves Venting Installation New Jersey

NJ Roofing Services-Exhaust Ventilation

NJ Roofing ServicesExhaust Ventilation, is the Warm Air, which Flows out of the Attic of a Attic. If a Home is already equipped with Powered Attic Fan, then we would remove the existing Fan, then Replace it with a New upgraded version. A MasterFlow ERV5 w/Adj. Thermostat & Humidistat, rated @1,200 cfm – 2,100 sq. ft. Roof Area, is perfect for our dimensions. Education, eager to stay on top of the Superior Techniques & Technology, is consequential for Expert NJ Roofing Services, Mold Prevention = Roofing Ventilation.

New Jersey Roofing Services- Installation of Ridge Vent Exhaust Ventilation
Proper Funcional Ridge Vent Exhaust Ventilation Systems

New Jersey Roofing Ventilation System

Without a proper New Jersey Roofing / Attic Ventilation system, excessive heat and moisture can get trapped in the attic. Then causing damage to your home, with formulation of mold & wood rot. A properly ventilated roof and attic gives trapped heat and moisture an escape route. This resulting in improved home energy efficiency and enhances the performance of the Roofing Shingles.

Ridge Ventilation Exhaust System-New Jersey Roofing Services
Functional NJ Ridge Ventilation System

NJ Roofing Service Completion of Mold Prevention-Attic Ventilation

Once all sequences of New Jersey Roofing Ventilation System have been Installed. Then a trip up into the Attic of the Home, to make sure the following procedure are accomplished. We would want to make sure the Interior Attic Eaves, are clear enough to see visible light peaking through. This ensures that the attic eaves are capable of accepting smooth consistent, steady Air-flow! Then we want to Adjust the Powered Attic Fans during nice weather, Thermostat set @105* and Humidistat set @70*.

Author: Samuel Biondo