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NJ Roof Installation

Wherever you live in Central Jersey, Biondo Contracting will do your NJ Roof Installation the right way. We start by tarping around all areas of your home, landscaping, decks, pavers ect., nothing will be left unprotected. We have a tremendous amount of “respect for landscaping”. We will then begin the removal of your old roof, which will be done in sections and we never remove more than we can complete in a single day. You will never be left with just a tarp covering your roof.

MB Flat Roof Installation

Biondo Contracting, has been installing Polymer-Modified Bitumen Membrane for all of our flat roof applications for over 25 years. The installation in which we use Modified Bitumen (MB), is heat-welded or torch-applied, this application provides the best way to be fully adhered. MB can be installed over an existing layer of membrane or the removal of existing materials down to a bare deck. When removing of an existing roof, Fibre Base underlayment is needed.

Professional Flashing Apps

 One of the biggest reasons for roof failure on a home or building is the Flashing. Flashings are installed around all roof penetrations, such as chimneys, skylights, vent pipes, attic fans, ect., over time the flashing around these area’s will need to be changed. When Biondo Contracting is contacted for a roof evaluation, these are the area’s that will be closely inspected, as well as the condition of your existing roof shingles. At Biondo contracting, all roof proposals are detailed and documented in writing.

NJ Roofing Contractors: Biondo Contracting

Welcome to Biondo Contracting – Your NJ Roofing Contractor who can provide your NJ home with a new roof, roof repairs, or any of your roofing or siding needs. Biondo Contracting, uses only the finest quality materials, limiting your need for numerous costly repairs in the future. With our prompt and effective service, quality workmanship, and attention to detail, Biondo Contracting has set the industry standard in the area and will make your roof project the best that it can be. When you retain Biondo Contracting as your NJ roofing contractor, you get roofers in central NJ that not only meet, but will exceed your expectations.

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