Skylights made from clear or semi-transparent glass offer a source of natural light and assist with the optional ventilation of your home. They come in a range of styles, enhancing the visual appeal of any residential space. Homeowners in Monroe Township considering a new skylight installation or replacement should thoroughly explore all available choices.

If you find your skylight is leaking, it's likely time for a replacement. Reach out to Biondo Contracting for dependable, high-quality skylight replacement services in Monroe Township. We excel in installing and replacing VELUX skylights, and we’re happy to assist you in choosing the perfect skylight option for your home.

East Brunswick NJ Skylight Replacement

Signs of Skylight Failure

A clear indicator of skylight failure is water seeping into your home around the skylight, which might also signal the need for roof or flashing repairs. VELUX skylights stand out for their maintenance-free, weather-tight EDL flashing kit applications, sealing off the entire perimeter of the skylight. This VELUX-designed technology represents a significant innovation in residential and commercial skylight repair or replacement in Monroe Township.

Also, it is likely time for new skylight installation if the seal around the glazing breaks. To check for this issue, observe your skylight from inside your home for any signs of condensation or moisture between the glass layers. Water droplets trapped inside indicate the need for skylight replacement.

Comprehensive Skylight Solutions

Replacing your old skylights will revitalize the aesthetic of your home and increase its market value. Biondo Contracting prefers VELUX skylights, which come with a full range of additional products and accessories for every skylight solution. Our team offers the Monroe Township area skylight installation expertise and a variety of skylight options, whether you prefer the VELUX fresh air skylights for ventilation or the VELUX FS fixed models for your enjoyment of natural sunlight.

VELUX skylights feature low E-argon, high-performance double insulated glazing, ensuring optimal weather performance to keep your home cool during the summers and warm during the winters.

Types of Skylights

Our professional skylight installation and replacement experts in Monroe Township will help you select the design that is best suited to your home architecture. Some of the most common designs include:

VELUX skylight shades transform any ordinary room into a special space. With a choice of over 100 colors and patterns, you can tailor your skylights and shades to create a specific ambiance for any room. The shades are available in manual or solar-powered options, including double pleated skylight blackout shades, ideal for completely blocking out light in spaces like living rooms and bedrooms. The solar-powered shades can be opened and closed with a handheld or wall-mounted device, or even with your smartphone.

Rooms fitted with multiple VELUX solar-powered skylights, arranged perfectly with double pleated room darkening skylight shades, feature energy-efficient blackout cloth in a honeycomb structure and a sleek design.

When you need new skylights installed in your Monroe Township home or other roofing services, contact Biondo Contracting. We’ll shed light on the options available to you. Ask for your free estimate today!

We even have options for the VS "Ventilating Skylights", with our Motorized & Solar Powered, opening and closing windows. Wall-mounted or Hand Held Controller, plus Smart Phone App Operations.