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Here at Biondo Contracting, we bring together a team of highly trained and knowledgeable technicians. NJ Flat Roofing Installations, performed by only the most experienced, Certified NJ Roofing Technicians in the industry. With over 30 Years in the NJ Roofing Services. Biondo Contracting has achieved and acclaimed many Certifications & awards along the way!

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Having installed Polymer-Modified Bitumen Membranes, on most all of our flat roofing applications. We have the know-how to add value to your project, being up to date on the ever so growing. With our expert and certified roofing technology, in the roofing industry today!

Our Residential Flat Roof Installation services are sure to exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, superior techniques and guaranteed NJ workmanship on every project we undertake.

At Biondo Contracting, there are never any sales pitches from commision motivated sales people. The owner, Samuel Biondo is the person who operates the everyday operations of this NJ Roofing Company. Our mission is to provide New Jersey Homeowners with glowing confidence and positive experiences!

Biondo Contracting Low Slope Roofing Application Example


Modified Bitumen (MB) is installed using a “Self Adhesive” process, which serves two main crucial purposes. First of which, eliminates an possibility of fire damage to a residential home. The second, is that the advanced Technologies of today’s roofing manufactures and expert technique that NJ Roofing Companies. Biondo Contracting has set the standards for other companies to fiollow behind!Our process at Biondo Contracting, is always the same as far as a New Roof Installation, either Commercial or Residential. We strip the old existing roofing materials down to bare roof decking. Inspect for any troubled existing or future problem roof decking areas, which will then be replaced with new wood sheeting.                   

NJ Flat Roof Installation Process

Once we have a nice clean and adhearing surface roof area to work with, then we proceed with the installation. Then application of an SBS smooth Modified Bitumen self adhered layer over the existing wood decking. This acts as the first layer of protection, in this 2-ply low slope roofing system application.

Then, because of the smooth finish to the SBS Base, which makes for supreme plyable adhesion, 2nd layer of protection. The 2nd ply of material to be installed, overtop of the SBS, is the Ownens Corning DeckSeal. A self-adhered Color Granulated Cap Sheet by Owens Corning has designed their complete product Roofing Shingle & Modified Bitumen.

Produced a self adhered low slope roofing systems, to be color coordinted, to matching roofing shingles to Modified Bitumen installations.

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Modified Bitumen (MB) is installed using a heat-welding {torch application method}, which offers the best chance for complete adhesion. Applied on all New Jersey Commercial flat roofing applications. If there is already a membrane layer in place, it will be removed down to bare metal or wood decking.Inspection of the roof decking can then be performed, so that replacing rotted or poor conditioned areas can be replaced. A High Grade Fiber Dens Deck Board, by GAF, is required during the dismantling of an old roof. In order to offer a fire-resistant material that can withstand the heat-welding or torch-applied process. A paired combination with GAF Rubberoid, Modified-Bitumen Torch welded application. It is has then performed, a water tight sealed commercialy installed roofing system. 

Secondary NJ Flat Roof Application Procedure

The final process to subsequently seal the entire roof area. We apply with an aluminum fibrated sealer {Karnak #97 Aluminum Fibrated Roof Coating}. The sealer offers a silver coating that shields the roof from UV radiation. Providing protection from the sun, extending the lifespan of the MB installation.

This will help prevent the expansion and contraction of a Bitumen applied roof system. Which then preventing the Modified material from premature cracking and opening of seams. If the Sealer is applied every 5 years, these commercial roof applications will surpass it’t prospected life expectancy!

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