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Biondo Contracting specializes in delivering top-notch flat roofing solutions for Monroe Township homes and commercial buildings. Our team consists of certified and seasoned roofing technicians with more than three decades of experience in the New Jersey roofing industry. Since opening our doors, Biondo Contracting has earned numerous certifications, awards, and accolades.

We have extensive experience in applying polymer-modified bitumen membranes on a variety of flat roofing projects. Our expertise, guarantees, and quality assurances ensure your project benefits from the latest developments in roofing technology.

Our residential flat roof installation services in Monroe Township and the rest of Central Jersey stand out because of our meticulous craftsmanship, advanced methods, and reliable workmanship on each project we undertake. Biondo Contracting operates without sales pitches from commission-driven salespeople. Samuel Biondo, the owner, personally oversees the daily operations to ensure homeowners in Monroe Township receive flat roofing installation services of exceptional quality and long-term durability.


We use a self-adhesive method to install modified bitumen (MB), achieving two key goals. This approach prevents fire hazards during installation and leverages cutting-edge roofing technology and expertise. Biondo Contracting leads the way in setting high industry standards for flat roof installation in Monroe Township.
Our approach to new roof installations, whether commercial or residential, involves removing old roofing materials down to the roof decking. We then inspect and replace any compromised decking areas with new wood sheeting.           


Our installation begins with a clean, prepared surface. We apply an SBS smooth modified bitumen self-adhered layer directly to the wood decking, forming the initial protection layer in this 2-ply, low-slope roofing system.

The smooth finish of the SBS base ensures excellent adhesion for the second protection layer. This layer consists of the Owens Corning DeckSeal™, a color-granulated cap sheet that offers a sturdy complement to Owens Corning’s comprehensive roofing shingles and modified bitumen products.

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For commercial flat roof installation and repair in Monroe Township, we install modified bitumen (MB) using a torch application method, which ensures optimal adhesion. Any existing membrane layers are removed to expose the bare metal or wood decking. We’ll inspect the decking and replace any deteriorated or damaged areas of the roof decking with a GAF, high-grade fiber DensDeck® Roof Board to provide a fire-resistant base compatible with the heat-welding or torch application. 

Secondary Flat Roof Application Procedure

To further seal the roof, we apply a Karnak 97 Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating. This aluminum-based sealer protects the roof from UV radiation and prolongs the life of the modified bitumen roof installation that our Monroe Township roofing contractors initially applied.

Regular application of this sealer every five years extends the durability of the roof, helping to prevent cracking and seam separation in the bitumen material, and improves the service life expectancy of the roof. Get in touch with us today to request your free estimate for flat roof installation in Monroe Township or anywhere in Central New Jersey.

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