Going into the fall is a good time for your Monroe Expert Roof Repair Programs of New Jersey. Contacting your local reputable nj roofing contactor for a free roof evaluation would be a good start. Knowing what has to be done in order to make it through a worry free winter season of harsh weather. Either way knowing what to do about your older roof, sooner rather than later will prove a wise decision.

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New Roof installation Monroe Township NJ

Roof Repair or Roof Repalcement?

Weather a roof repair or roof replacement, you must decide based on the expertise of your New Jersey Roofing Contractor. Contacting a reputable, well rated local licesned new jersey roofing company for your free nj roofing estimate. Once you have quotes from a few different nj roofing experts, either a new roof or roof repair?

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Monroe NJ Local Certified Roofing Company

Let’s say your local new jersey roofers have recommended your home is in need of a roof repair. The roof estimates have quoted to replace the existing flashing around both of your existing brick chimneys. As well as replacing all existing pipe flanges, which go over the plumbing vent pipes on your roof. They have included repairing your existing seamless gutters, by refasteneing where needed and a complete gutter cleaning.

Installation of New Pipe Flanges

The installation of new pipe flanges on your roof, make sure your roofing contractor is using Aluminum Flanges with neoprene collars. Aluminum Pipe Flanges will last a very long time and neoprene adjustable rubber collars, will resist expansion and contraction. Neoprene rubber vent pipe collars, will hold up to the extreme hot and cold temperatures, therefore preventing them from cracking.

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New Aluminum Pipe Flange Correctly Installed BIONDO CONTRACTING

Replacing The Existing Chimney Flashing

Replacing the existing chimney flashing on your chimneys entails, removing the adjacent roof shingles, approximately 3′ from around the perimeter. Then strip the old underlayment from the wood substrate, so we can now inspect the current decking condition. If there is any wood rot around the roof decking, then it must be replaced for obvious reasons.

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Ice Water Barrier wrapped around Chimney before Professional NJ Flashing Application

Once the existing roofing decking area has been cleaned and prepped, appling high quality Ice & Water shield is next. This insures a weathertight seal from ice, snow and rain, three feet around the chimney perimiters. A pre-bent custom base flasing, is then installed in front of the chimney. The application followed by step flashing and roofing shingles is installed around the sides of the chimney.

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Profession NJ Flashing Application in progress BIONDO CONTRACTING

Chimney Flashing Pan Roof Installation

The final essential roofing flashing, is called a chimney flashing pan, custom fabricated and installed directly behind the chimney. Making certain, the flashing pan size 4″ x 20″ wide is essential, the wider the flashing, the more protection provided! A custom bent hem is applied to the very rear of the flashing pan, preventing ice daming from getting behind. The installation of new roofing shingles is then installed into place, forming a superior weather tight application.

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Rear VELUX Skylight Flashing Pan Application

Professional Counter Flashing Application

The final flashings installed to complete the job, is a professional counter flashing application. Prepping the chimney, cutting an 1/8″ slice into the mortor, creating a chanel for counter flashing to be bent inside. This is significant in the prevention of water seepage to get behind the counter flashing of the chimney. Trying to color cordinate the counter flashing and roofing shingles makes for a appealing finishing touch.

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Author: Samuel Biondo