Your dependable old bridge roofers of new jersey happy and most reputable roofing company near me 24/7. When it’s time to fix or replace your existing roof, securing old bridge roofers with a great reputation is essential. During the last rain storm, you noticed a leak in your roof and water seepage into the interior ceiling. Contacting your trustworthy roofing contractor asap to evaluate and diagnose the issue with your exiting roof.

New Roof with ridge ventilation system
Fantastic Roofing Installation Old Bridge New Jersey

After you have had recieved a few free nj roof estimates on what work is recommended, then you must decide. Let’s say the existing flashing around your brick chimney needs to be replaced, with new step and counter flashing. The old bridge roofers have provided a detailed roof proposal, with a labor guarantee, including new roofing shingles around perimiter.

Expert Old Bridge Roofers Flashing Applications

According to the details of your expert old bridge roofers flashing applications, are as follows. Removing the existing roof shingles from around existing chimney, approximately 3′ around it’s structure, down to bare wood decking. Inspection of the existing wood decking shows no damage, then appling a high grade ice & water shield. Which gets wrapped around the base of chimney and over top of the roof decking.

new chimney flashing installed
Biondo Contracting Chimney Flashing Replacement

Fabricating the aluminum counter flashing that goes around the front, sides and rear of the cement area of chimney. First the front flashing flange gets installled, which is an “L” shaped flashing, covering the lower front chimney. Then the lower part of the flashing flange, lays over the top of the roofing shingle. The step flashing is now installed around both the right and left sides of the chimney. Application of each roof shingle, has it’s own step flashing, installed in a “step” by “step” fashion.

Rear Roof Flashing Flange Installation

Now it’s time for the rear roof flashing flange installation. Once the flashing and roof shingles have stepped their way to the top of the chimney, then the flashing pan. Followed by the application of roofing shingles, which finish off the roofing part of the nj roof repair. The final step is the old bridge roofers “counter flashing” application, which goes around the base of the chimney.

Professional Old Bridge Roofers Counter Flashing Installation

Professional Old Bridge Roofers Counter Flashing Installation, over 4 decades of expertise. The counter flashing forms a protective exterior skirting, which prevents any water seapage during inclimate weather. Cutting an 1/8″ seam into the cement grout of the chimney, with a diamond blade saw, creating an interior chanel. Each piece of counter flashing will have a custom bent 3/4″ hem. Which gets installed into the open seams created into the chimney grout, sealed with a waterproof adhesive.

New counter flashing installed around brick chimney
New Chimney Counter Flashing Installation Biondo Contracting

Installing flashing over any type of masonary siding, counter flashing must always be applied, so to provide weather tight adhesion. Certified Old Bridge New Jersey Roofers are experienced enough to make a professional application.

Counter flashing application around brick face wall
Professional Biondo Contracting Counter Fashing Applications

Author: Samuel Biondo