A New Roof in NJ-That Wonderful Time of the Year, as September slowly comes along, bringing in cooler weather. Thinking about replacing your old aging roof becomes closer to reality, before the fall comes with cold weather with it. Making contact with your “local NJ Roofing Company near me” and start getting a few free nj roof estimates. Get a head start on scheduling your new nj roof installation, before the cold weather arrives amongst us!

Old roof shingle removal

The Best Time for a New Roof Replacement In New Jersey

Many Homeowners wonder, what is the best time for a new roof replacement in New Jersey? Well, from the beginning of September to the end of November are your key months to work between. Weather needs to be warm enough for the self sealing roofing shingles to adhere, anywhere above 50 degrees F, would be ideal. The Owens Corning Duration Tru-Definition Series roof shingle are one of the most aggressive adhering roof shingles.

New Roof Replacement, A house with some people working on it

Having a beautiful sunny day, with the sun shining bright, is enough to self seal high quality dimensional roofing shingles. The Duration Series have an aggressive self sealing architectural roof shingle that will seal under direct sunlight. Their Designer Color Collection Roofing shingles offer a wonderful display of vibrant color palettes to choose from.

Passific Wave color roofing shingles

Expert Professional NJ Roof Installations

A local certified roofing company would be a wise decision, when choosing Expert Professional NJ Roof Installations provider. Reputable Positive online reviews, accompanied by the length of years in the New Jersey Roofing Service is a safe play. Taking time driving around your neighborhood, checking the display of NJ Roofing Installations and the array of roof shingle colors. As a rule of thumb, choosing a darker Architectural shingle color, than your siding color, will provide a gorgeous contrast.

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Adequate Functional Roof Ventilation

Always make sure your new roofing application includes adequate functional roof ventilation, required for your new roof to breathe properly. The installation of either a powered attic fan or ridge venting, would be your top two choices to consider. However, when ventilating your new roof, understanding that NEVER combine both an attic fan and ridge vent together! As both will actually work against each other, causing your new roof to have a failing attic ventilation system.

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Always remember, one or the other and making certain for appropriate “air-intake” and “exhaust” is balanced, like breathing! Without these key details, any future issues with your new roof, may VOID Warranty from your roofing material manufacture. Do your due dilligence and online research, understanding your new jersey roofing investment.

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Author: Samuel Biondo