How Certified New Jersey Roofers Protect Homes Post-Storms

From hurricanes and hail storms, New Jersey roofers face extreme challenges covering storm-damaged roofs—especially during times such as roofing shingle wind ratings.

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The old common way of roof tarping, move beyond the thin blue tarp with a more durable solution and weather storm season safely with a premium solution like Owens Corning Deck Defence Synthetic Roofing Underlayment.

Facing More Heavy Storms with Different Roofing Methods

With the predictions of upcoming above-normal hurricane season from the Farmers Almanac and North & South Weather Channel predictions, Certified roofers can expect increased demand for roofing services. Higher demand could lead to more exposed roof decks left unprotected for extended periods of time.

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Owens Corning products, such as WeatherLock Flex & Deck Defense are alternative to the old blue tarp methods for expert roofers. It’s simple to install, covered by warranties up to 12 months when left exposed to the elements and offers long-term advantages to home owners. It also qualifies as a water resistant barrier in Owens Corning extended residential warranties, as long as installed by a Certified OC Preferred Roofing Contractor. Roofing Systems that are installed within one year of the water resistant materials.

Safeguarding Roofing Systems With Waterproofing Membrane

Using self adhesive roofing membrane when major high wind storm-damaged structures with roof pitches of 2 on 12 and above are more likely to rain, large areas a roof system are blown away, a home is left vulnerable to further water, storms, and damage.

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Owens Corning water resistant barriers are not just for a few courses of roof shingles. Roofing Installation procedures need to be followed as needed. Making sure a professional roofer is involved to protect the exterior & interior of a home until a major roof repair. These product’s m mainaterials help maintain its integrity over the coarse of this time period.

Handeling Storms through State Of The Art Roofing Technology

In the past, a blue tarp was used to protect homes until permanent roof repairs or roof installations.

Tarping is better than nothing at all, but over time it will quickly be shreded. Once a tarp degrades, heavy wind and rain can pertrude under the tarp and the remaining roof area will more than likely be severely damaged.

Following on a Familiar Roof Installation Process

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The self adhesive underlayments features a simple installation procedure, which most experienced roofers use on a daily routine. The removal of any and all debris, damaged roofing materials and ensure a water tight roof deck. Once you peel the film from the back side of the self adhesive water barrier, apply the water resistant material on the roof decking. Since this water barrier can be left exposed for extended periods, Owens Corning has developed this break through technology. Installation procedure videos to help reputable New Jersey roofing contractors, help ensure this product is installed properly for ultimate protection.

This water resistant material has an agressive adhesive that bonds directly to the plywood decking. Even when exposed to extreme elements, it is covered by a warranty 12 months.

In process of removing a tarp and addressing additional wind & water damage caused by degrading tarps leakage, roofing companies can install a roofing material directly over the roofing for up to 12 months. This roofing material is also eligible for coverage under extended by Owens Corning warranties when home owners select an certified OC Preferred Roofing Company.

Benefits for Experienced Roofers

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A longer-term, water resistant membrane helps experienced roofers and the roofing manufacturing industry even in the unfortunate times of material challenges. With a warranty coverage, the agressive seal the adhesive provides—and the resistance of heavy wind and rain solutions to help homeowners with water resistant membranes until the Roofing Replacement can be applied.

Stronger roofing protection can also prevent problems which directly result from tarp degradation. This allows roofing businesses to concentrate on roofing installations, ultimately saving professional roofers labor and material costs.

Benefits for Homeowners

Certified Roofers aren’t the only ones who benefit from state of the art technologies. A premium, longer-term water resistant membrane material offers homeowners superior benefits compared with options like using tarps in past damage prevention sollutions. Help homeowners understand how this investment can save them time and finances in the end.

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Supporting resistance of water damage until a professional roofing repair or roofing replacement can be applied. Premium self adhesive membranes that help guide away water seapage. Performs as synthetic underlayment in their future of OC roofing materials. Limited warranties available when an OC Preferred Roofing Installation is applied within one year of the installation. Saving time and money, helping prevent further possible expensive damage to the area of a roof.

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