Getting your new roof ready going into the new year, contacting your local expert roofing company for a free estimate. Some really nice roofing shingles on the market today, that homeowners may want to consider are the Owens Corning Duration. They manufacture a Designer Color Collection Series that offer a wide display of vibrantly stunning color palettes. They are part of the Duration Tru-Definition Sure-Nail Technology Owens Corning roofing shingle line.

A man carrying bundles of shingles on top of a new roof.
Astonishing Certified Owens Corning New Jersey Roofers

Choosing Your New Roof Designer Shingle Color

Choosing your new roof Designer shingle color can be a fun time, making the exterior of your home more beautiful. Usually, everyone thinks of a new roof for the main purpose of providing a weatherproof barrier over our homes. Fortunately, todays advanced technologies have produced some really stunningly beautiful roof shingle colors, turning our homes into a marquee attraction.

New Roof Installation monroe nj
Wonderful NJ Designer Color Collection Roofing Applications

The Ownens Corning Designer Series Collection have over a dozen color palettes to decide from. There is the Sand Dune, Aged Copper, Summer Harvest, Pasific Wave, Storm Cloud, ect., just to name a few. They are all vibrant roof shingle colors, made up of 11 different algae resistant, copper & zinc coated granules. The Designer Colors Series does more than give your homes facade a lift, especially on steep slope roofs.

New Roof Application
New Roof Replacement Monroe NJ Designer Color SAND DUNE

Professional NJ Flashing Applications

Professional NJ Flashing Applications is absolutely vital when having your new roof replaced. Making certain that all existing pipe flanges are replaced, step flashing along siding is properly reinstalled or replaced, where needed. The Flashing around your chimney is the most crucial, consisting of two forms of flashing, Step and Counter Flashing. Usually Aluminum is the material used for the flashing, but sometimes copper may be a customers choice instead.

New Roof Installations
New Aluminum Chimney Step Counter Flashing Installation
copper flashing around brick chimney
Copper Step Counter Flashing Installation

The images above are example of how a properly installed chimney flashing application should look like, neat, clean & beautiful! Notice how the roofing expert contractors, cut an opening into the chimney grout. This is so, the new counter flashing can be custom bent and installed in between the chimney grout. Allowing for a superior custom weather tight professional flashing application.

Functional New Jersey Roofing Ventilation System

A functional new jersey roofing ventilation system is essential, in having proper air-flow. It all begins with penetrations at your roof eaves or soffit area for “intake venting”. The second phase is having “exhaust venting” for the warm air to escape out attic of your roof. I like comparing a properly functional roof vetilation, to “Inhaling” and “Exhaling”, just like how a person breathes. Therefore, it is absolutely important to having air-stream entering and exiting the attic area of your roof!

New Roof Shingle Installation
Sensational Functioning New Jersey Roof Ridge Ventilation Applications
Attic fan on New Roof
MasterFlow ERV5 Powered Exhaust Attic Fan Installation

Author: Samuel Biondo