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When presented with the investment you make in a new roofing installation and how long your new roof will be warrantied. State of the art roof shingle designer colors are a now excellent way to ensure your home looks spectacular for many years to come. The Owens Corning Duration roofing shingles are not only manufactured to protect your home for the present and future, they’re also designed to present astonishing beauty with state of the art color designs. When looking for a roof installer, be sure to locate a certied OC Roofing Contractor, they have the availability to offer extended roof warranties. Also, Homeowners now have a choice from a wide variety vibrant shingle colors for pairing with a wide variety of home exteriors.

Conventional Roofing Shingles

Conventional homes will most often have often dull color roofing shingles. Presenting a commendable yet basic colors, so they can be designed with almost any exterior color of a house. The most standard basic exterior color, is white and gray. There are many different degrees and shades of whites and grays in numerous nuances, making for similar color shingles on every neighboring home in your area. The ways of choosing roofing shingle colors for your new roofing replacement are over. Make certain to choose a local licensed roofing company is always a smart idea.

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Homes tend to have variation of dark, medium and light grays add a dimensional look to your new roof shingles that match great and add an authentic look to your brick, or stone faced home. Having time to stand back and look at your new roof, noticing how it blends cosmetically with your home and to its surroundings. Since color palettes have undertones of multitude color snade variations, establishing the exterior brilliance display of your designer color. Now your home sets the standard of exceptional state of the art roofing installations, for all neighbors to admire. Protecting your investment by hiring an experienced roofing contractor, will give you peace of mind.

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Luxury New Jersey Roofing Installations

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Luxury New Jersey Roofing Installations are a dynamic roofing option manufactured to replicate the look of natural slate tiled roof’s. With a heavy duty constructed and staggering shadow shangle design, these roof shingles provide an astonishing authentic slate appearance. With the added durability of fiberglass and asphalt, these luxury roofing shingles were designed to withstand all weather related elements. These shingles featured are manufactured by Certainteed, a building material company having been in the roofing and siding industry for well over 100 years. The quality at which they design and manufacture their roofing and siding products are extraordinary dependable.

Their Grand Manor Roofing Shangle has a Class A fire resistance rating, the highest rating achievable, by the Underwriters Laboratories, making them an superb choice for homeowners. These luxury roof shingles are also manufactured to hold up to heavy winds of up to 110 mph, with a guarantee your roof is not going anywhere in the event of severe weather. Grand Manor roof shingles comes in many astonishing color palettes, each brilliantly designed to add class and beauty to your home.

Exceptional State Of The Art Roofing Design

Exceptional state of the art designed to evoke a extraordinary, hand-crafted astonishing look. With Certainteed’s craftsmanship and architectural design are what makes this roofing shingle so exceptional. With angled corners and dark contrast shadow lines, these Carriage House residential roof shingles creates a scalloped-edge authentic natural slate look to a residential home. Adding an extreme level of protection provided by super-heavyweight construction makes for a brilliant look on a steep pitched roof.

These roof shingles are manufactured from high-quality materials that are intentionally designed to withstand extreme weather conditions that can effect the visual effects and performance. The importance on hiring a Certified Certainteed Roofing Contractor is absolutely vital for the roof installation process. Certified Installers are able to provide homeowners with extended warranties that non certified companies can. Located a Local Certified Roofing Company can be found on the Certainteed website.

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Key Roofing Features

One of the key features of CertainTeed’s Carriage House design was to establish a product that is Algae Resistant according to Underwriters Laboratories classifications. This certification guarantees that these roof shingles meet the guidelines of industry standards for amazing appearance and ultimate performance. Homeowners must be sure to contact a certified certainteed roofing installer prior to having your new luxury roof install. Certainteed warranty provides homeowners with confidence in their investment and guarantees that their new roof will maintain its pleasing appearance and extreme performance for a long time. Hiring a certified Certainteed Roofer has the authority to offer all homeowners extended Certainteed Warranties.

Choosing the right roofing company is crucial to protecting investment for homeowners. The durability and longevity of these roofing shingles require less maintenance and less roof repairs over the lifetime of your new roof. Locate your local certified roof installers by going to the Certainteed wegcite or calling their direct service locator phone number.

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Certified Synthetic Roofing Installations

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Homeowners who love the appearance of slate tile roof’s, but back away due to the extremely high costs and very heavy weight, find realistic options with authentic synthetic slate roofing products. Locating a local roofing company who specialize in slate tile roof repair are hard to come by these days. With the availabilty of Synthetic composed materials, they have deloped the appearance of authentic slate tile roof installations. Located your local certified synthetic slate roofing installers and get estimates on what this new roof would cost you.

Slate stone tile roofs are not immune to the effects of extreme weather over the course of time. Slate tiles develope very small fractures, making authentic slate vulnerable to damages caused by frozen temperatures and thaw cycles. Synthetic composite slate roofing tiles don’t have these worries. They defy the conditions for decades to provide extreme durability. Contact a reputable roofing contractor for a free estimate on what this new synthetic roof tile installation will set you back.

Synthetic slate shingles are so authentic to the look of an actual slate stone tiled roof, that it’s almost impossible to distinguish when comparing homes from side to side. DaVinci Roofscapes, are the leading synthetic slate & shake shingles roofing products. Their composite slate & shake tiles achieve a Class 4 Rating for Resistance to Impact and a Class A Fire Resistance Rating . These synthetic slate & shakes have an 110mph Wind Resistance Rating, making them dependable for particular heavy storm and hurricane location areas.

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