Winterizing Your Roof

Hiring a reputable roofing contractor to help winterize your roof is always a good idea especially if you’ve had damaged gutters, ice build-up, or other winter woes in the past. If you saw high winds or large hail over the last year you may wish to seek help before it snows! Start with asking for a simple free evaluation.  If the roofer advises a winterizing package they’ll base the price on square footage and write an estimate. Don’t delay or your miss your opportunity prior to cold weather arriving. Our tip is to ask for a price match from the more expensive company to get the best work done.

New Jersey sees a good deal of snow. As a roofing contractor, we install and  remind our clients that just because they have a new roof doesn’t mean they get to skip out on winterizing. Overhanging trees, poor ventilation, and poor insulation may still affect you!  Be a smart consumer and shop for a reputable contractor who is certified and licensed.

Areas When Winterizing Your Roof

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters of debris that may freeze and further clog drainage is essential to keeping your gutters from overloading. Every year we receive phone calls come spring to repair gutters that have broken off due to the ice weight. This can be a costly out-of-pocket expense and affect siding and landscaping as well.  Contact our office to schedule a free estimate.

Remove Overhanging Limbs

Removing overhanging limbs, large or small, can save on expensive emergency repairs. Small branches can be dangerous and hover just a few feet above a roof can break free and slam your roof with enough force as to make a good sized puncture given the right circumstances. A few cuts and you can save big money!  Always keep your gutters free of debris and save your hard earn money.

Mold Removal

Mold can be a health hazard for people with sensitivity toward mold.  Power washing mold, algae, or lichens from the roof is a great way to keep your shingles in place and water out! Algae roots go under shingles and expand when frozen which can lift your roof shingles enough to jeopardize the integrity  of your the fasteners.  Mold is air born and spreads thru wood which rots.  It can damage to the outside and inside of the attic.  Keep an eye on moisture forming and/or misty odors.

Attic Insulation Review

Ice dams are mostly due to improper attic ventilation. Stopping ice dams is simple as just keeping the entire roof the same temperature as the eaves. Increasing ventilation, adding insulation to the attic floor, most importantly  sealing air leaks that warm the underside of the roof will prevent this major leak creator.

Repair Missing or Damaged Shingles

Carefully traversing a roof with proper gear and wearing a harness.  If there is too much fresh (within the last 12 months) storm damage to the roof, an insurance claim may need to be submitted. Be sure you’re working with a contractor advocate your claim. Rely on licensed professional to effectively make repairs.  As for a warranty on the work is crucial.  This may be the most impotent aspect to winterize your roof and the one point where it’s ALWAYS best to consult a pro.

Flashing, Vents, and Ports

A roofing system is comprised of ventilation, gutters, flashing, and other non-shingle components that are all designed to let your roof breathe, escape water from accumulating where it shouldn’t and protect exhaust ports. Knowing the wear and tear of a vent, the spacing of flashing, and caulking needed for things like skylights is essential. Spring and Fall seasons are the premium times of year and more importantly to have these things items checked on and kept in good repair. Ice can turn seemingly small issues into big ones!

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