Monmouth-Junction-RooferHaving to get a roof replacement in the Middlesex County NJ area is a very expensive procedure. That being said, you are definitely going to want to help prolong the life of your roof as much as possible. The average Central NJ roof lasts around 15-18 years. Here is the main way you can help keep your roof in working condition :

Monmouth Junction Roofing Tips

The most important factor in roof longevity is proper roof ventilation. A house can create around 5lbs of water vapor each day! If there is no proper ventilation, then the vapor has nowhere to go and ends up condensating underneath the plywood in the roof deck. This leads to damages such as warped wood, rot, and water damage.

Good attic ventilation is also important. In the Summer months, it helps regulate the temperature of your roof. Consistently high temperatures can put a lot of wear and tear on your Middlesex County roof. If you do not have a proper ventilation system, you should look into hiring a Middlesex County roofing contractor to install one.

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