It is with great pleasure and customer satisfaction that we recommend Biondo Contracting! We were in the market for a new roof. Speaking with our friends if they knew of a roofer, Biondo Contracting name was shared with us; another satisfied customer! Prior to hiring Biondo Contracting, we researched other contractors and inspected their completed jobs. We found Sam Biondo had by far the nicest workmanship in a roof completion. The shingles did not have a ripple or lay unevenly over the gutters. We looked at new and 5 year completed jobs.

We were looking for the owner to be on the job, managing the overall operations, and if we ever had a problem he would take care of the situation. Sam told us that he would be here and that his business depends on satisfied customers and would be available if the situation lends itself. Anytime – just call! He appeared to have the conviction and honesty we were hoping to find in a contractor and said the words we wanted to hear.

Sam’s word was true! Sam was on the roof with his men and made sure the work was done right the first time. He said he would be here on such a day, take 2-3 days to complete the job, and would remove the garbage. He came on time and left on time. He completed our job and didn’t leave at all until it was finished! The yard was as clean as if we did not have a roof done!

Biondo Contracting was not like other contractors that start multiple jobs and go from job to job and take weeks to complete! A man of his word! One year we had a serve wind and snow fall that the snow got under our siding and thus caused a leak. We called Biondo Contracting and not only did he return my call, he came and fixed what was not at all related to the job he had performed. He was a man of his word and kept his promise! A rare quality to find! We have and will continue to recommend Biondo Contracting!

Janet & Barry Seidman
East Brunswick, NJ