Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We’ve been thinking about you and your crew. Thank you for the wonderful job you did in reroofing our home. The style and color of the shingles are excellent and compliment the color of our siding. Your suggestion to put roof rents on both levels was also an economic advantage. I can tell in the summer months that there is less heat stored in the attic as a result. This has lead to a savings in our monthly air conditioning bill. Your responsiveness to my concerns went well beyond the extra mile. After one nor’easter storm I was concerned about potential leaks. You interrupted your busy schedule to drop by. You climbed onto the roof, resealed around all vents and tacked down a few loosened shingles. All this for no charge and with a smile.

Because of our satisfaction with you and the quality of your work, we have recommended your company to several of our neighbors. I understand from them that you have replaced their roofs recently. Honest, hard-working people like you are becoming increasingly more difficult to find. Please keep up the good work and healthy attitude. I believe it will serve you, your family and employees well in the future.

With warmth and appreciation, Gary and Marlene Merrill
North Brunswick