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Somerset Roofing CompanySomerset Roofing CompanyA very frequently asked question is, “When should one consider contacting a Somerset roofing company to have their home re-roofed?”. Although answers differ from roof to roof, here are three signs that you may need to give a Somerset roofing company a call.

When It’s Time to Call a Somerset Roofing Company

  • Your roof is older than 25 years. Experts put the average lifespan of a roof at 20 to 25 years. Specifically, if your roof was built over a previous layer of shingles, poor ventilation has likely allowed mold to grow.
  • Your shingles are missing. If you notice that more than a few shingles are missing, this is a pretty obvious sign it is time to call a professional Somerset roofing company. Additionally, if you notice your shingles are chipping, curling or drying out, that’s another sign that you could be in need of roof repair.
  • Your vents, pipes or other roof details have cracks/leaks. The vents that lead out of your roof should have flashing around them that prevents the moisture and steam leaving your home from damaging your roof. If this sealing is damaged, shriveled or cracked, it is likely causing the same sort of damage to your roof  and possible interior damage and must be repaired. You should find an experienced Somerset roofing company sooner, rather than later.

Looking for the Best Somerset Roofing Company?

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