When talking about roofing installations, we cannot ignore other aspects of the house either. This is precisely why you can often times find New Jersey roofing contractors performing services such as siding installations. So, what are sidings?

Putting it simply, sidings are an outer covering on the house that helps shed water and protect the underlying material from being affected by weather. This is extremely important in New Jersey largely as a result of the damp weather patterns, both in winter and summer.

Aside from serving the protective purpose, sidings often times are used to beautify the house. Typically, houses built over a decade ago tend to deteriorate—much of which is superficial rather than structural. This results in a decrease of property value. The best way to regain that is not through expensive remodeling, but by simply adding siding installations. Sidings come in all different types, from soffit systems to cedar Impressions, and also in a wide array of colors. This not only makes the exterior more aesthetically pleasing but also boosts the property value.

Even better, sidings are often times attributed to a decreased electrical bill since they add another layer of insulation between the house and the outside world. Some homeowners have claimed that properly installed sidings can cut their heating and cooling costs by half!

However, keep in mind that both the beauty and effectiveness of the siding is largely dependent upon the roofing contractor you hire. Here at Biondo Contracting, we have photos of completed works from the past and have no problem showing those to you should you require them.