Roofing Services – Are You In Need of Any?

Many times a home owner may be in need of roofing services without even knowing it. There are some common warning signs that will point to the need for roofing services however, without a keen professional eye to spot them, it may be difficult to recognize telltale signs. The next time you’re scheduling your recommended annual inspection, ask about these areas of concern that many roofs suffer from:

Signs That You Need Roofing Services


  • Damaged flashings – Flashings that are older can experience rust or erosion as a result of years spent protecting the various convergences of your home. Depending on the material being used for your flashings, you might find that will have to replace them sooner than later.
  • Cracked caulk – Like flashings, caulk is meant to help seal your home against the intrusion of moisture. If caulk is dried, cracked or broken off, it means that water will now have a gateway into your home.
  • Cracked, broken, or missing tiles/shingles – Tiles are highly resilient, but if they’re not properly protected from the elements, they too can crack, split and break apart, giving the elements a direct shot at your underlying roofing materials. Make sure that your tile is in good standing and if it’s time to reevaluate your roofing materials, have them glazed for added protection.
  • Cracked/worn rubber boots – Assuming your roof is properly ventilated, you’re going to want to make sure that the status of the rubber boots surrounding your vents are good. If cracked, damaged or missing, it’s yet another way for moisture to enter your home.
  • Chimney damages – Your chimney is a huge area for concern when you consider the condition of your roof. This is the only part of the roof that actually stretches down into your home. Roofing services in the chimney are vital for that reason.
  • Moss/lichen/mildew/mold – Any sort of growth on your roof is something that should be addressed immediately with roofing services. Plant growth means that your cement tiles are no longer protected against moisture and that you need to have your roof re-glazed to prevent further harm to it.

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