Roof repair is very necessary for your home but most homeowners do not know how to do it. The right types and solutions of roof repair will add to the beauty and efficiency your home.

Roof Repair Types

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When it comes to roof repair, it is better to be safe than sorry. Roofs have to endure harsh climates that decrease their life expectancies. That’s why it’s so important for homeowners to know all the steps involved in roofing restoration and roof painting. The procedures are similar with the procedures of restoring cement tile roofing or terracotta tile roofing.

A Roof is an important part of a building structure that demands stability as well as safety. The number of existing types and structures of roof increase rapidly. Concrete, wood and steel are the common material used in roofs.

Concrete is very important for maintaining the quality of the structures. In many cases, roofs constructed by concrete must be repaired a few years after their completion.

The dramatic growth in the roof repair and strengthening industry over the past three decades has resulted in the need for many improvements in material, design practice, contracting processes, insulation and installation procedures, quality assurance/quality control procedures, and more.

These improvements are needed to enhance service life, reduce costs, and minimize conflicts. Innovative, fiber reinforced, cement-based materials may play an important role in solving existing roof repair problems.

Roof repair - Types and Solutions
Many roof repair techniques including lamination can be used. Combining them with low-pressure spraying seems to be most suitable. Roof repairs can be made from the outside and inside, especially in case of leakage problems.

For outside roof repair, many techniques are used including plastic sheets, concrete mix, tar, paper and sprays. Plastic Sheeting is a temporary measure which can be spread and fixed by roofing nails. With a wooden roof, plastic sheet can be wrapped around the wood and nail down the wood.

Roof repair - Types and Solutions

Researchers investigated the transport fabric of water in and through composite concrete of roof structure as a substrate and cover layer for its strength and repair. The cover layer was assessed with regard to its efficiency as a protective layer against the entrance of water.

Neutron radiography can be used for testing level of roof repair. In ordinary concrete quick and deep access of water through relatively wide macro-cracks followed by transport through the capillary pore system, caused saturation of large areas in a rather short time.

Application of concrete mix applied to the surface reduced the ingress of water to a large extent. In the cracked surface of roof substrate of ordinary concrete, capillary suction is obviated, and transport through the pore system of the matrix become the prevailing transport mechanism of capillary action.

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