North-Brunswick-RooferLeaks in your Middlesex County roof can cause a lot of problems such as damaged ceilings, water stains, rot, mold, structural damage, and much more. You can help prevent leaks or serious damage in your NJ roof by knowing the causes and reasons for leaks and acting quickly by contacting a professional NJ roofing contractor.




Reasons Your Roof May Be Leaking:

  • Flashing

Flashing is the most common reason that your roof may be leaking. When the thin metal becomes eroded or damaged, it allows water to seep through the seams eventually causing a leak. Sometimes NJ roofing companies don’t even install flashing, so make sure that it is installed.

  •  Chimneys

Chimney stacks can collect water that can trickle down and go through tiny spaces. accumulating water around the chimney can lead to a leak.

  •  Plumbing Penetrations

Running pipes through the roof is convenient but not always a good idea. Most builders know this, but they still do it anyway. The sealed holes can leave spaces and when it rains, the water can trickle through the spaces and onto your ceiling.

  •  Skylights

An improperly installed skylight can cause big leaking problems for your NJ roof.

  •  Shingles and Fasteners

Harsh weather such as storms or high winds can damage or even blow off shingles and roof fasteners, allowing water to access underneath your roof.

  •  The Workmanship

Poor workmanship and improper roof installation are some of the major reasons a homeowner experiences a leak. The NJ roofing contractors you choose to install your roof can play a big part in whether your roof will leak or not in the long run.  Make sure you are going to a legitimate and reputable contractor when getting your NJ roof worked on.

  •  Age of Your Roof

The older your roof, the more likely it is to get leaks. A 15-20 year old roof that hasn’t been maintained well will likely start showing signs of leaking. Roof repairs or replacements should be made before damages get worse.

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