Quality Over Price When Hiring Roofers

A homeowner who thinks that they can save money by hiring the cheapest possible roofer can get themselves into trouble. While it’s possible to find roofer that offer decent services at a very low price, you usually get what you pay for. Even a well-built roof will eventually have maintenance and repair issues. If the roof was installed using a cheap contractor, you may start experiencing some very costly problems.

One common issue that you may experience after getting a “cheap roof” is roof leaks, which can alone end up costing you thousands of dollars. A roof is not cheap, even a cheaply installed roof can cost thousands of dollars. A roof that doesn’t last or perform as promised is even more expensive.

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Roofer Quality Over Price

The fact is, roofing materials will cost what they cost. Cheap roofers will try to beat a quality roofer’s price by cutting corners. They will use cheaper materials that don’t perform as well, or won’t install everything the way they should. Ultimately, you are the one that ends up paying more all because that cheaper roofer cut corners.

Things Cheap Roofers May Do

  • They use cheap underlayment that doesn’t protect your home when water gets under your shingles
  • They re-use old underlayment, or other materials that should be replaced with your new roof
  • They use low quality shingles that don’t hold up to weather and are prone to breaking
  • They use untrained people who cost less, but don’t know how to properly install a roof that will last

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