Princeton Roofers – Picking the Right Roofing Contractor

Now that winter is approaching in the Princeton area, it may be time to hire a Princeton roofer for roof repairs or a full roof replacement.

Princeton Roofing Tips

There are some factors to tell whether your roof is in need of some work. If your roof is over 15 year old and is leaky or eroded, then you will more likely be in need of some major repairs. If your Princeton roof isn’t that old, then you may only need some small fixes. Old roofs with considerable damages should probably be replaced by a professional Princeton roofing contractor.

Choosing a Princeton Roofer

Choosing the best Princeton area roofer can be a difficult task. Here are some things you can do to find that diamond in the rough:

  • Don’t choose the first Princeton roofing contractor that you come across, even if it seems promising. Have options.
  • Make sure the the Princeton roofer is legitimate and licensed.
  • Check online reviews of each Princeton roofing company to see whether they have done good jobs.
  • Compare the prices and work quality of all of the Princeton roofers you are considering.
  • Be positive that the Princeton roofer does FREE roofing estimates.



Biondo Contracting is a gorup of professional Princeton roofers that does roof repairs and replacements all over Central NJ including towns such as: Princeton, Hamilton, East Windsor, Trenton, Ewing, Hightstown, Lawrenceville, Pennington,  and more. Call today for a Princeton free roofing estimate.

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