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Ocean County RoofersWhen you’ve got some issues going on with your Ocean County NJ roof, you will likely need the services of a professional. The problem is that there are many different Ocean County roofers to choose from. How can a homeowner know that the contractor they are looking at will do a good job? Here are some things to do and think about when choosing from a handful of Ocean County roofers.

Choosing Ocean County Roofers

  • Get a referral. One method of finding a reliable roofing contractor is to ask your friends and neighbors. Make a list of names, reach out to each person, and ask two questions: Was he happy with the job done and would he work with that contractor again? Testimonials provide an accurate picture of what your experience might be like with a given company, and you can count on personal contacts to give you honest feedback. Consider the Ocean County roofers that are given the most positive feedback.
  • Do your research. If you’ve identified at least three qualifiedOcean County  roofers, you can get started investigating each one. Start by verifying the businesses’ contact information. Next, confirm that each one is licensed and insured. Check out the Better Business Bureau to be certain there are no red flags to be aware of. Also look for reports on contractor review sites, such as Angie’s List.
  • Meet face-to-face them. Having narrowed the field, invite the prospective contractors to visit your home and scope out the job. You’ll want to discuss roofing materials and the extent of work to be done, but don’t forget to ask about the time and manpower needed for completion. Good Ocean County roofers should be enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and professional in demeanor.
  • Get a written contract. Work shouldn’t begin until you have a signed contract detailing every aspect of the job. Make certain it covers safety procedures and liability, including workers’ compensation. The contract should also specify such things as clean-up methods, payment amounts, and the schedule. Consider requesting a lien waiver to protect against claims that could arise if the roofer fails to pay a vendor for materials.

Looking for One of the Most Reputable Ocean County Roofers?

Biondo Roofing has over thirty years of roofing experience and is based in New Jersey. Biondo is a trustworthy and award-winning company. They always prioritize placing customer satisfaction at the very top of the list.  They aren’t just looking for a quick buck, but want to establish life-long relationships with their roofing customers.  They provide free estimates on roofs and roofing projects and projects are supervised by the owner himself.  All of this is just a few reasons we recommend Biondo Roofing as the #1 Manalapan Roof Repair Company for 2017!

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