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Spring can many times bring strong storms that can pound away at your roof. Now that it’s the beginning of spring, any professional North Brunswick roofing contractor would recommend that you make sure your roof is ready to endure the upcoming weather. Below is a list of things you or a North Brunswick roofing contractor should check for:

North Brunswick Roofing Contractor Springtime Checklist

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Things a North Brunswick roofing contractor would recommend to be checked:

  • Check downspout exits to make sure they haven’t been damaged.
  • Inspect and clear debris from rooftop gutters and header boxes.
  • Check and clear debris from scuppers.
  • Clear internal gutters.
  • Inspect and clear weep holes around rooftop windows and skylights.
  • Make sure rooftop units and PV penetrations are secure and watertight.
  • Remove leaves and debris from the rooftop.
  • Check to see if the roof appears unusually sunken or if water is accumulating anywhere.
  • Inspect the roof for signs of weathering, loose or wrinkled membrane, missing ballast and loose seams.
  • Check the property surrounding the building for tall trees with dead limbs. (they can fall onto your roof)

Although a lot of these things can be done yourself, it is not the safest or easiest job for those who are inexperienced. It is recommended that you hire a professional North Brunswick roofing contractor to do the roof inspection. Biondo Contracting provides roof repairs, roof replacements, roof installations, and many more roofing services to the Central NJ area in towns such as East Brunswick, South Brunswick, Hillsborough, Bedminster, South Plainfield, Green Brook, Avenel, Somerset, Bridgewater, Highland Park, Kendall Park, Manalapan, North Brunswick, and many more. Call  this Central NJ roofing contractor today for a free roofing estimate or visit the website.


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