Monroe NJ New Roof: After

New Designer Color Collection: SUMMER HARVEST

NJ Roofing Installations Luxurious Designer Color Collection. Looking to add more drama or a knockout New Look for your home? Then Owens Corning Tru Definition New DESIGNER COLOR COLLECTION, by Certified NJ Roofers, is your choice!. The TruDefination Archtictural Roofing Shingles, offer spectacular curb appeal. For a dashing and luxurious New roof, that pairs handsomely with colorful exterior accessories.

With many vibrant dimensional roofing shingle color combinations. These multi-colored shingle colors are masterfully formulated with a mixture of enduring primary colour and contrasting granules, ingrained into each roofing shingle to bring added depth and visual landscapes to your new roof.

Certified Designer ColorPasific Wave Roofing Shingle nj roofing Installations

NJ Roofing Installations-Sure Nail KEVLAR Technology

NJ Roofing Installations, KEVLAR SureNail Technology, make this roofing shingle, the advanced production and toughness of its patented exceptional! This technology provides the ultimate safeguard in the nailing hem of a roofing shingles, Triple Layer Protection that results in supercilious gripping power.

With a Wind Rating @130 MPH, this roof shingle is as Unbreakable, as it is Gorgeous! Contact a Certified Owens Corning Roofing Installer. As a professional Certified NJ Roofers Installations Specialist & Expertise working with High End Roofing Materials, such as the Owens Corning Designer Series Color Collection.

Sure Nail Kevlar Technology NJ Roofing Installations

NJ Roofing Installations STRENGTH & BEAUTY Roofing Shingles

NJ Roofing Installations STRENGTH & BEAUTY Roofing Shingles, Owens Corning. Designed & Produced the #1 Rated Architectural Residential Roofing Shingle on, the market Today! With Over 110 Years of Roofing Experience in the Building Materials business, have formulated an Idea. Which has changed the way a Roofing Shingle PROTECTS a Home, Strength & Beauty.

Tropical Storms & Blustering Winds, Guaranteed to withstand winds @ over 130 MPH . Certified NJ Roofing Installations Experts, have put these dimensional roofing shingle that speaks for itself & to the Ultimate Tests.

Certified NJ Roofing Installations of Owens Corning

Hurricane Sandy vs Certified NJ Roofers

Hrricane Sandy vs Certified NJ Roofers. The main Ingredient to the Duration Series Roofing Shingle, is KEVLAR, used to protect lives, KEVLAR is used in making Bullet Proof Vests! NOW…..Used for saving Homes & Businesses as well. Many expert NJ Roofing Company had just provided a Local Business with a Duration Series Certified NJ Roof Installation.

Certified NJ Roofers trying their best to deal with Hurricane Sandy

Two days after Hurricane Sandy, there was a location of a property and what they saw was absolutely remarkable! As approached, they were looking at the nj roof, actually driven past,……because they were in disbelief? There was debris all over the road sides, from days earlier, as they made theyre way closer to the job.

As they made a quick turn around, parked, got out, looked around to do a brief Inspection,…..they had witnessed a New NJ Roofing Installation, 2 days prior to Hurricane Sandy, Blowing Apart & ANNIHILATING most of the entire Tri-State Area, but could NOT BLOW, ONE Roofing Shingle OFF this Roof! Hurricane Sandy vs Certified NJ Roofing Installations, the Winner is….OC Tru Definition Duration Roofing Shingles!

Author: Samuel Biondo

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