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Monroe NJ Roofing Experts of New Jersey Your Most Trusted, years your most trusted Magnificent Roofing Experts of New Jersey! Located in Central New Jersey, servicing Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset, Ocean Counties and parts of others. Taking pride in our friendly and honest customer service, we want our customers to know they can count on us!

All of our work is installed by company employees, Owner should be on every roofing job, always present. Making certain to provide each NJ Homeowner with the confidence and trust needed to insure a stress free working relationship. Our job is to provide comfort and the best available state of the art NJ Roofing Experts and Technology.

Stunning Vibrant Owens Corning Certified Monroe NJ Roofing Experts

State of The Art Monroe NJ Roofing Experts Installations

The State of The Art Monroe NJ Roofing Experts Installations with over Decades in NJ Roofing Services Industry. With Hard work, Compassion and Dedication our NJ Roofing Company commitment to excellence and honor to all customers. Installers of the Big Three Roofing Material Manufactures in the Commercial & Residential roofing industry Owens Corning, GAF and Certainteed.

Monroe NJ Roofing Dimensional Roofing Shingles

Monroe NJ Roofing Dimensional Roofing Shingles, first manufactured in 1967, the first to start production of a Dimensional Roofing Shingle. The GAF Timberline Roofing Shingles, became the first double laminated roof shingle constructed. The Monroe nj roofing experts at GAF were quich to add different colored granules to their shingle as well. The first manufacturer of Dimensional Monroe nj Roofing Shingles, GAF set the bar, which it’s competeitors quickly followed!

Monroe NJ Roofing Experts GAF Timberline Roofing Installation

Owens Corning Introduces It’s Duration Series Sure-Nail Technology Roofing Shingle

Since Owens Corning introduces it’s Duration Series Sure-Nail Technology Roofing Shingle, production starting in 2007, with a Patent Pending Application. Owens Corning began their contruction material manufacturing business in 1935, experts in the production of Fibreglass. They were the first to company to combine the mixture of Asphalt/Fiberglass into their roofing shingles. In 2007 Owens Corning nj roofing experts introduced their State of the Art breakthrough technology, their Duration Series Sure-Nail Roofing Shingles.

This shingle is produced with a Patent Pending Application, which can NOT be legally adopted by other nj Roofing Manufactures! It’s “KEVLAR” Imbeded Nailing Hem, is key to this Breaktrough Technology, used in manufacturing Bullet Proof Vests. This Owens Corning Duration Roof Shingle is backed with a Lifetime Warranty, 130 MPH Wind Rating – tops the Roofing Industry!

Certified Duration NJ Monroe Roofing Experts

Gorgeous Monroe NJ Roofing Experts Grand Manor Roofing by Certainteed

Gorgeous Monroe NJ Roofing Experts Grand Manor Roofing Shangle by Certainteed. Founded In 1904 as General nj Roofing Manufacturing Company by George M. Brown, the company’s name was changed in 1917 Certain-Teed. Although Certainteeds Dimensional Roofing Shingle line, called the Landmark Series, which introduced the first “Steak-Fighter” algae resistant roofing shingles.

What really seperated Certainteed Roofing Manufacturing products from Owens Corning and GAF, was their “Luxury Roof Shangle” Lines. Particularly the “Grand Manor” and “Carriage House” Luxury Roofing Shangle. The very first nj residential roofing material line, to mimic the authentic and asthetically pleasing looks of Slate Tile Roof.

Certified Certainteed Luxury Monroe NJ Roofing Experts

NJ Roofing Experts Sensational Certified Roofing Company

NJ Roofing Experts Sensational Certified Roofing Company, spanning over Three Decades. We have aligned itself with the 3 most reputable roofing manufactures in the country, which our success has been built. With many Positive Online Reviews, Articles and Images of our Expert Roofing Craftmanship on Display, withstanding the test of time!

Author: Samuel Biondo

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