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Monmouth Junction RooferAre you in the Monmouth Junction area and in need of a new roof? A big question that you may have is “what material should I choose?” You may want to talk to a Monmouth Junction Roofer about metal roofing. Its popularity has been rising due to its benefits. Here are some benefits of having a metal roof:

  • Metal roofs last longer and are more durable. Asphalt and other popular materials last 15-20 years and then need to be replaced. Metal roofing can last much longer because it doesn’t decompose and can withstand against crazy weather.


  • It’s a good long-term investment. Though up-front costs are more expensive than other materials, metal roofs don’t decompose overtime so repair costs will be much less and its all around value will be decent when trying to sell your Monmouth Junction home.


  • Metal roofs can come in almost any style you want. There are metal roofs that look like asphalt shingles, slate, tile, and shake. If you are unsure of what style best suits your home, you can just ask a Monmouth Junction roofer.


  • Metal roofs go green. Over half of metal roofing material is made from recycled content. It is also a great insulator which can decrease the amount of energy you use for heating and cooling.

Biondo Contracting is a company of expert Monmouth Junction roofers that serve towns all over Central NJ. They do work in towns such as Monmouth Junction, Piscataway, Edison, South Brunswick, East Brunswick, and many more. Call today for a Monmouth Junction free roofing estimate.

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