Marlboro NJ Roofing Contractor – Do You Have Proper Attic Ventilation?

Marlboro Attic VentilationProper attic ventilation for your Marlboro home is very important. During warm seasons, it cuts the amount of heat buildup which both saves you money in air conditioning costs, and contributes to your shingles’ longevity. During cold seasons, proper ventilation helps warm air and moisture escape the attic, preventing ice dams and keeping your attic dry. Many people are unaware of whether or not their Marlboro home is properly ventilated, or even ventilated at all. Below are some things to look for that’d indicate one of the two:


  • Check your roof and eaves for vents. There are many different kinds, some less visible than others. If you’re lacking vents or at least can’t spot any, you should contact a Marlboro roofing Contractor to install some.


  • On a hot day, put your hand to the ceiling. If it’s hot, then that means your attic is even hotter, like a sauna. All of that trapped hot air is making cooling expenses rise and putting much wear and tear on your shingles.


  • Look for ice ridges on your roof or eaves. The warm air trapped in your attic melts snow on your roof and then the water refreezes as it flows down towards the eaves. This is what causes ice dams.


  • Look for frost or dampness in your attic during the winter. If your Marlboro NJ home isn’t ventilated well enough, then moisture in the warm air carried up to your attic is trapped and condensation will take its course on your roof deck.


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