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Hunterdon CountyRoofer- Roofing ContractorWhen looking to get a new Hunterdon County NJ  roof, you are going to have to make the decision of what color you want your roof to be. Shingles come in a giant variety of colors. So the question is, what color is your Hunterdon County roof going to be?

Hunterdon County NJ Roofing Contractor Tips

You are going to want to put a lot of thought into the color of shingles you want considering it will be visible to the world for a good 15 years or more. shingles come in many different colors, shades, and mixes. The key is to choose a color that will compliment the color of your house’s trim and siding. If you’re not the best with that kind of artsy stuff, you can ask for your Hunterdon County roofing contractor‘s professional opinion.

Here is a short list of shingle colors that generally go with certain house colors:

  • A red house looks good with brown shaded shingles
  • A natural wood colored house goes well with shingles that are green
  • A blue house would best be complimented with black or dark gray shingles
  • A tan or beige house will be best with brown shingles
  • A red house’s ideal shingle color would be shades of brown
  • Black shingles on a yellow house work well
  • A white house is best suited with dark gray or black shingles

While the choice or your Hunterdon County roof’s color is ultimately up to you, you should try and have to blend well with neighboring homes. Again, ask your Hunterdon County roofer about what color would look best to compliment the other houses. The climate that you live in can also be a factor to your Hunterdon County roof color choice. In hotter areas, it’s better to choose lighter colored shingles because they reflect the sun resulting in less heat. In colder areas, darker colored shingles are the better choice because they absorb the sunlight resulting in more heat which also helps melt snow on your roof.

As you can see, choosing your Hunterdon County roof’s color is very important, more important than most people think. Don’t be worried about choosing the wrong color. Use these tips and the opinions of neighbors, shingle companies, and Hunterdon County roofing contractors, and you will be fine.

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