Flat roof maintenance will prevent your roof being damaged and save you a lot of hassle in the long term. Although flat roofs can last a long time, they need the correct maintenance just like anything else around the home. A strong and long lasting roof is not difficult to achieve and, by carrying out regular, minor maintenance tasks, you can be sure your home is kept safe from the elements.

Flat Roof Maintenance Tips

Sea Girt Flat Roof Maintenance Tips | Central NJ Roofer

Inspect your flat roof regularly

Despite the many problems flat roofs can have, they are actually fairly easy to maintain. It is important to keep them clean. Hire a professional to safely remove dirt, leaves and fallen tree limbs from the roof as soon as possible because the longer they stay there, the greater the possibility that they will harm the structure. For example, in late fall look for leaves and other debris on the roof and in the gutters and in early spring check for damage caused by ice damming. It’s also a good idea to inspect the roof after any storms with heavy winds.

Sea Girt Flat Roof Maintenance Tips | Central NJ Roofer

Remove overhanging tree limbs.

Trees that are growing too close to the house can be a hazard to your roof. There’s not only the risk of broken limbs falling on the roof but if they overhang or rest on the roofing, they can abrade the protective stone coating over time. You can prevent tree limbs falling onto the roof by cutting off the dead parts of nearby trees. A professional will use a leaf blower where possible, because treading on the roof surface can damage it further.

Sea Girt Flat Roof Maintenance Tips | Central NJ Roofer

Check draining systems

Make sure you have enough draining for your roof, if you notice a lot of ponding water you may need better drainage, clean them, or possibly have an area that needs something to stop ponding water. Some places that have ponding water need leveling to help the water flow to the drain system.
Clear away leaves and other debris from the gutters and pipes around your roof. Flat roofs do not drain easily, especially if badly constructed, so this step is vital to prevent ponding and other issues. Hire a professional to carry out gutter maintenance and after a storm or heavy rain, check your roof again for ponding. If your roof suffers regular ponding then call a professional because there may be moisture damage in the rafters of the roof.

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