Do you Need a Roofing Company for the Spring?

Now that Spring has finally arrived, we can look forward to warmer weather, BBQ’s, and outdoor activities with family and friends. However, Spring can also bring some rough weather to our area, such as heavy rain and high winds which can take it’s toll on an old, worn down roof. You may need a roofing company to make some repairs. Here are some things that you should look for and fix on your roof this season:

Roofing Company Tips for Spring

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  • Curling shingles –  If your shingles are starting to curl or bubble, they are susceptible to breaking off in high winds, leaving your roof vulnerable. These should be replaced by either yourself of a professional roofing company.
  • Deteriorating shingles –  If you look in your gutters or at the bottom of your downspouts and notice a lot of shingle granule loss, this means the shingles are nearing the end of their life span.  Granule loss can also be found by just looking at the shingles. Granule loss makes shingles less protective from the elements on your roof.
  • Missing shingles –  Often times, after a heavy storm or windy day, homeowners will find shingles in their yard.  This is a telltale sign that the roof is in need of repair or replacement, and you should consider calling up a roofing company.

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