Considering Roof Installation?

Roof installation is one one project that homeowners can’t afford to take lightly. Your roofing is key to the property’s value,  greatly affects the home’s exterior, keeps nasty weather outside, and helps families maintain household budgets by improving energy efficiency. Before you consider roof installation, here are some things that you should know:

Roof Installation Tips


  1. Roof Installation is Not Cheap – It doesn’t matter if we are referring to roof installation or roof repairs, roofs are not cheap. A new roof can usually run a homeowner anywhere between $3,000 and $11,000, most paying between $5,000 and $6,700. This is a huge range, and difference in pricing can has to do tith the various materials of roofs, the sizes and of course, location of our recorded projects.
  2. Roof Design Matters – Some homeowners want their roof to make a statement while others just worry about the bare necessities. Having a pitched (steep) roof installation is more expensive than standard flat roof installation. A pitched roof requires more materials and time from your roofing contractor. Given the angle, it is a more dangerous project and many roofing contractors will charge extra.
  3. Types of Roofs Matter – Roofing materials depend on the slope of your roof. Flat or nearly flat roofs must be covered with built-up roofs such as tar and gravel to keep water out.  Below are some of the most common types of flat and pitched roofs for roof installation :
    Flat Roof Materials:

    • Tar and Gravel
    • Modified bitumen
    • EPDM rubber:
    • Roll
    • Felt
    • Metal

    Pitched Roof Materials:

    • Composition Shingles
    • Dimensional Shingles
    • Asphalt Shingles
    • Wood Shingles
    • Concrete
    • Tile
    • Slate
  4. Roofs Can Decrease or Increase Value of Home – Roof installation or roof repairs vary greatly, but more often that not, it is more expensive than other home improvement projects. A strong and stable roof can increase the value of your home because brings down future costs for new ownership. Ugly patterns or outdated materials visible on the roof are eyesores and potential buyers will be hesitant to reach your asking price. So before you make your roof installation budget, make sure you leave yourself enough room to add all the necessary factors.

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