Common Shingle Roofing Repair Mistakes

Doing your own NJ roof maintenance and roof repairs with no professional help may cost less initially, but if not done right could lead to many more expenses down the road. If your shingle roofing needs to be repaired, research how to do a proper fix or contact a professional Central NJ roofer so you don’t make any common shingle roofing mistakes. Below are the 3 most common shingle roof repair mistakes:

Common Bridgewater New Jersey Shingle Roof Repair Mistakes


  • Faulty Fastening

Nails and fasteners that keep the roof deck together and the shingle roofing stuck to the deck can be a sign of insufficient installation, and can actually pierce the shingles. Remove any loose or mislaid nails and replace with new ones. Use up to six nails per shingle, laid right under the seal-down strip of the shingle. Replace cracked or chipped shingles at this time.

  • Poor Shingle Roof Selection

Choosing shingle roofing that has a continuous seal-down strip can contribute to leaks. Pick a shingle product that has breaks in the adhesive between each strip to prohibit water from seeping under the shingle. When repairing roofs with valleys, make sure to add flashing at the angle to prevent water damage.

  • Misplaced Flashing

Metal flashing is used to stop water from seeping in around chimneys, valleys, windows and skylights. The misplacement of flashing can create leaks. Chimney flashing must be set into mortar to serve its purpose. It should not be repaired with caulk. Misalignment of step flashing is also common. Flashing pieces should overlap approximately 2 inches and be fastened with just one nail in the upper corner.


To prevent the risk of having some of these problems and getting leaks and damages in your roof, you may want to consider contacting a professional Central NJ roofing contractorBiondo Contracting provides roof repairs, roof replacements, roof installations, and many more roofing services to the Central NJ area in towns such as East Brunswick, South Brunswick, Hillsborough, Bedminster, South Plainfield, Green Brook, Avenel, Somerset, Bridgewater, and many more. Call today for a free roofing estimate.

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