The roof of a house is one of the most important features of your home. It provides protection, insulation and support.  Don’t wait until you experience roof damage to think about your roof!  Below are are some common roof damage causes that you should keep an eye out for.

Common Roof Damage Causes

Hillsborough Common Roof Damage Causes | NJ roof

Roof Damage Cause #1 – Ice Buildup

Hillsborough Common Roof Damage Causes | NJ roofIce may not be a problem in all parts of the country. However, in north east, Ice tends to freeze along the eves and stays there all winter.  This causes the snow to back up and the process of freezing and thawing lifts the shingles causing roof damage.  The end result is water leaking into your home.


Roof Damage Cause #2 – Animals

Hillsborough Common Roof Damage Causes | NJ roof

Animals can cause a lot of damage to a roof. Wood peckers, nesting birds, squirrels, raccoons, mice and bats can all work at pulling apart your roof. Wood peckers will look for insects under shingles and in rotting fascia boards while raccoon will pull off vent covers or tear off shingles searching for an entrance.  If you suspect that you have animals living in your roof, call a professional as soon as possible!

Roof Damage Cause #3 – Tree Branches

Hillsborough Common Roof Damage Causes | NJ roof

Nearby tree branches may fall on the roof due to wind, heavy snow or ice.  If the tree limb is weakened by disease it might not take much for it to snap.  It’s a good idea to inspect the trees around your home and remove any branches that may cause a problem.  Even if the branches do not break off, trees too close to or over your roof may cause a build up of debris on the roof. Leaves, sticks and pine needles can form a pile of mulch on your roof that remains constantly wet underneath causing the shingles to deteriorate and the roofing structure to rot.  It is best to prune branches that come to cole to your roof.

Roof Damage Cause #4 – Clogged Gutters


Hillsborough Common Roof Damage Causes | NJ roof

Gutters and downspouts are designed to channel water away from your roof. If the gutters are poorly maintained or full of debris the water can back up and seep into the edges of the roof. Over time this can cause the roof to develop areas of rot.  Make sure that you regularly clean out your gutters and make sure that the drain pipes are clear of debris.


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