Ways to Keep Your Roof Clean

Central Jersey Roofing ContractorEvery household has a long list of things that need to be regularly inspected and maintained. Things that usually make the list are bathrooms, kitchens, basements, etc.  Although often overlooked, the roof should always be at the top of the list. A thorough cleaning of your roof once every year or two can greatly prolong its life and keep repair costs to a minimum. It also makes regular maintenance easier to keep up with over long periods of time. Below are some simple tips provided by a professional central Jersey roofing contractor to keep your roof clean year after year:

Central Jersey Roofing Contractor Tips for a Clean Roof

Purchase a quality roof cleaner. Roof cleaner is readily available in your average DIY home improvement store. It is very easy to use.  For best results, make sure to read all instructions carefully carefully before you spray the entire surface of roof. After it has settled and soaked in, you simply rinse it off with water.

Clean your gutter regularly. Debris from leaves and other organic material can accumulate quickly in your gutters, especially after large rain or snow storms. If you don’t clear out the debris, it can start to rot the shingles on your roof causing damage. To clean out the debris, simply put on a good pair of gloves and scoop out the big pieces by hand. Afterwards, spray out the smaller pieces using a hose. Additionally, it is important to remember that washing off your roof will cause a good amount of debris to accumulate in your gutters, so it is best to check them after cleaning your roof.

Central NJ Roofing Contractor

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