NJ Insurance Companies are now teaming up with licensed NJ Roofing Contractors to help homeowners in need of emergency roof repairs to their homes. New Jersey’s weather has been relentless, leaving NJ residents fed up and wondering whats next.

When a homeowner first finds any sign of water leakage into their home, they should immediately contact a licensed NJ Roofing Contractor to come out and take a look. When the roofing contractor is there it is always a good idea to tell them about any previous problems or repairs that have been completed, this will help the roofing contractor better evaluate any of the problems. After the roofing contractor has completed their inspection, make sure they provide a detailed proposal, listing the repairs which are needed and how much it will cost to fix the the problem.

“I have always found that having the NJ roofing contractor itemize the cost of labor and materials be included on the proposal before submitting it to the insurance company – this will make it easier for the adjuster who has been assigned to the case, and in some instances they may not even need to come to your home to do an inspection, they may just issue a check to the homeowner, minus the deductible,” says Sam Biondo, Owner of Biondo Contractor.

After the homeowner contacts their insurance company to notify them of the roof repairs/roof installation, which needs to be completed, the insurance company will then need to see the itemized proposal. They may wish to send an adjuster out to the residence to do an evaluation of the damages to your home.

“Most homeowners don’t even realize that their insurance company will cover most insurance claims for roof repairs, new roof installations and damages to the interior of their home – despite what most people may think, NJ homeowners insurance companies are, for the most part very fair when making good on claims to the damages of your home”.

Once your claim has been reviewed and accepted by the NJ insurance company, plans for completing the work can now be discussed with your licensed NJ roofing contractor. After the roof repairs have been completed, make sure the roofing contractor has completed all of the work which was specified on the insurance claim, because filing another claim for the same work detail will likely not be accepted. Upon completion of the work order, the homeowner should contact the insurance company to let them know that the roof repairs have been completed, sometimes the adjuster may want to check to see that the repairs are finished, as described on the claim.

“Always remember, don’t be afraid to contact your NJ homeowners insurance co. when you have a problem with your roof, why should you get stuck paying a large bill when you are already paying your insurance company for assistance with these kinds of situations” .

About Biondo Contracting

At Biondo Contracting, we know that you have a choice in choosing a NJ roofing contractor and we want that choice to be us. We have the perfect roofing solution for your home and we’re committed to helping you figure out what best fits your needs and budget. We’re happy to answer all of your questions and present you with a free quote. Biondo Contracting specializes in residential roofing and have been in business for over 28 years, serving central New Jersey. We are licensed by The State of NJ Division of Consumer Affairs, license #13VH01287400.