On Monday October 29th at 8pm, at the height the super storm Sandy in East Brunswick, a huge tree hit my house crushing a section of the roof, cracking a ceiling in one of our bedrooms, and piercing the ceiling of a second. After i put a bucket under the branch to catch the water coming in, the first thing that i did, and turns out the smartest, was call Sam Biondo. Sam did our roof around ten years ago, and to my surprise, and gratitude Sam picked up the phone, during the storm. Although it took a day to get the tree taken off my roof, Sam was at my house on Wednesday morning temporarily patching the hole. He did all of his measurements, had an estimate the next day that i passed on to All State. He ordered the materials, and started the job on the following Monday. Day one he had half the roof done as well as replacing damaged rafters, day two was a rainout, Wednesday, the roof as well as five skylights were done. Thursday the bedrooms were sheet rocked, and all of the remaining trim around the roof was completed. Friday, the bedrooms were spackled and primed, and finally Saturday and Sunday, paint and final clean up.

East Brunswick NJ Roofer Testimonial

Sam was amazing. He was there for us, moved the project along very efficiently and quickly, not to mention that the quality of the work was perfect. It was a stressful couple of weeks, but working with Sam and his crew, made the ordeal easy to get through. If you want to know more about Sam, call me, or better yet, come take a look at my roof!

Gary and Anne Casino

East Brunswick, NJ

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