Current building codes use specific design criteria to reduce the likelihood of moisture problems in attic systems, the most common and time-tested approach is to provide proper ventilation under the roof assembly. Today Biondo Contracting will tell you about the Attic Ventilation Importance which you can consider to choose an attic ventilation for your roof.

Attic Ventilation Importance

Mantoloking Attic Ventilation Importance | NJ Roofings

Are you living in the Mantoloking NJ area and finding Attic Ventilation Importance? Biondo Contracting Serves the entire Central New Jersey area.

Ventilation is a system of intake and exhaust that creates a flow of air. Effective attic ventilation provides year-round benefits for all types of roofing systems, creating cooler attics in the summer and drier attics in the winter, protecting against damage to materials and structure, aiding in reducing energy consumption and helping to prevent ice dams.

With poor ventilation, summer sunshine can cause a massive buildup of heat in the attic space. In a building with poor ventilation, the temperature in the attic may eventually reach 140°F on a 90°F day. An overheated attic, combined with moisture, can cause a number of problems, including damage to roof decking and roofing shingles, which can become distorted and deteriorate prematurely. Heat that’s absorbed in the attic can also radiate into the living space causing air conditioners, fans, refrigerators and other appliances to work harder. As a result, energy bills can increase.

Mantoloking Attic Ventilation Importance | NJ Roofings

Are you living in the Mantoloking NJ area and finding Attic Ventilation Importance? Biondo Contracting Serves the entire Central New Jersey area.

In the winter, moist, warm air from the lower portions of a building will tend to rise through the ceiling into the attic, especially through bypasses where electrical and plumbing fixtures are installed. In a cold attic, the warm, moist air condenses on the cold surfaces of the rafters, the nails and other metal, and the attic side of the deck.

Efficient ventilation requires a very specific type of air movement to provide year-round benefits. A flow of air must be established to produce air changes a steady, high volume of air movement. System components must be correctly sized and positioned to provide constant air flow, moving in a constant direction, throughout the entire attic area. Air movement can be created using natural or mechanical ventilation. Two key forces create natural air movement: stack and wind effect. Mechanical ventilation relies on a power source.

The stack effect occurs because air that is heated is lighter than cold air. This rising warm air causes the pressure in the upper parts of the attic to increase and lower parts to decrease. Air will naturally exit and enter at the higher and lower locations in the attic space, respectively, due to the pressure differentials. A well-designed ventilation system places exhaust vents at or near the ridge and places intake vents at the lowest point in the attic, typically near the roof’s edge.

The stack effect alone cannot create the high volume of air movement needed for effective ventilation. Wind force is the key element in designing a non-powered ventilation system. A wind-driven flow of air against and over a building’s exterior surface creates areas of high and low air pressure. High pressure forces air into the attic, while low pressure pulls air out.


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