New-Jersey-Roof-Re-RoofRoof installations refer to the total re-shingling of your roof. While it may seem expensive at first, a well-done roof installation will have very noticeable advantages in warm weather, especially in New Jersey.

Keeping you cool

One of the first things you’ll notice with a new roof installation this summer is how much cooler the inside of your house becomes. Shingles are designed to reflect the sun’s heat away and insulate the insides of your home from the outside air. But the wear and tear of the seasons will invariably degrade your shingles’ ability to do that. Replacing your shingles can lead to a dramatic difference between the interior and exterior temperature: as much as 20 degrees!

Saving your money

In addition to keeping you cool during warm weather, a new roof installation can also help you save money. Obviously, there is the fact that if your house were cooler, you would be less inclined to use air conditioning. And if you can find a New Jersey roofing contractor who uses high quality shingles for the roof installation, then the resulting installation can last for far longer than with low quality shingles. Also, shingles generally require warm weather to seal properly, and as such, summer becomes the ideal time to install a new roof since it will save you more money than if you chose to install the roof in winter or other cooler seasons.

Protecting your health

Finally, new roof installations can keep out moisture from your attic space far more efficiently than a dilapidated old roof. The presence of moisture, combined with the summer heat, is a recipe for mold and mildew—some of which can cause some serious illnesses. Therefore, to protect both your family’s and your own health, it’s imperative to put in a new roof installation, especially as summer continues on and both the temperatures and the increased chances of thunderstorms continue to rise.