As some of you may or may not have guessed already, the past twenty-eight years of roofing service hasn’t exactly been kind on my back. As such, I will be having a surgical procedure performed and will be hospitalized from July 21-22. Rest assured though that during that time, I would still be able to return all messages. Additionally, despite the fact that I will personally be out of work for approximately two weeks following the surgery, I will still be on the job site to supervise the work being performed. So rest assured that the jobs being performed in the coming months will still be the same dependable and high quality service that you’ve come to expect from Biondo Contracting.

As mentioned in our About Us page, the team here at Biondo Contracting comprises of handpicked employees for at least seven years rather than sub contractors that you will find at lesser quality roofing services. These are workers whom I trust will do an excellent job even if I myself cannot personally work alongside them during the coming weeks.

I speak for everyone here at Biondo Contracting that quality is our number one promise to our clients, and that is exactly what I aim to deliver, even in the coming weeks. Therefore, if you need us to perform any roofing services that you may need or even have any questions, then feel free to give us a call at (732) 257–2926 or email us at