Are you in the Middlesex County NJ area and thinking about replacing your roof? Here are some things to consider:


The location of your home determines certain factors that will be affecting your roof. Do you live by water or in an open field? Do you live in a windy area? Different shingles are more suitable for different locations. Living by the ocean means you have to be careful about the materials you use because saltwater can affect metal.


If price isn’t an issue then architectural shingles are your best bet because they can withstand extreme weather. Basic shingles will still generally last and do their job but if you can upgrade it will be a good investment.

Style of the Roof 

Luxury shingles, metal, flat, slate, and specialty materials all have a unique appearance. Choose a roof system that will not only last, but that compliments the appearance of the property as well as surrounding homes.

Tearing Off Old Roof or Roofing Over

It is not recommended to just have new shingles placed over old ones. It is important to check the condition of the roof deck, which may need to be replaced as well. Roofing over should only be considered with flat roof systems when you are sure the roof deck is in good shape.

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